The photos of Novak Djokovic that generated more controversy after the special permission he had received to play the Australian Open

Djokovic during an event in his country in December: his lawyers reported that he tested positive for COVID-19 during those days (Photo: @djokernole)
Djokovic during an event in his country in December: his lawyers reported that he tested positive for COVID-19 during those days (Photo: @djokernole)

In case of Novak Djokovic took on world significance. That which began with a post on social networks announcing a special permission to dispute the Australian Open Without being vaccinated, he became an absolute scandal when he was detained at the Melbourne airport due to the inconsistencies in the documentation presented. During the last hours, the pages of a new chapter were written while the athlete remains isolated in a hotel for migrants: his lawyers argued that he had coronavirus on December 16 last and the networks began to circular images that sowed the seeds of debate.

The australian newspaper The Age revealed that advocates of Nole Leading the appeal to try to get the player to enter the host country of the Australian Open warned that their client had COVID-19 weeks ago: “That exemption stated that he had tested positive for COVID on December 16, but had not had a fever or other symptoms in the previous 72 hours.”, said the journalist Marta Pascual Juanola in the aforementioned newspaper.

They quickly began to turn around a series of photos of the number 1 in the world ranking that sought to clarify how his life was during those days of December. The first postcard that quickly went viral is one that shared the official account of the Barcelona basketball team on December 14 in which you see Nole with the player Nigel Hayes-Davis in the duel between the Spanish and Red Star of Belgrade for the Euroleague. Two days later, the Catalan club reported that Davis had been isolated after testing positive in a COVID-19 test.

Djokovic was in the Barcelona basketball game
Djokovic was in the Barcelona basketball game

The thread of the story continued with a post he made in his Instagram the December 17 the 34-year-old tennis player, where he shared his joy at having his own postage stamp. “Thank you to my generous country for this exceptional gift! I feel honored!”, wrote about that event that had a solidarity background to help children in his country. The previous day, the 16th, he had also been to an event of the Novak Djokovic Foundation that was broadcast live on the official channel of Youtube Of the entity.

The post that Djokovic made on his networks (Photo: @djokernole)
The post that Djokovic made on his networks (Photo: @djokernole)

Another of the events that went viral was a publication of the account of Facebook of the Serbian Tennis Association that took place on December 17 where Nole handing out prizes to “the best competitors of 2021”. The different images show the sports reference of Serbia surrounding the young tennis players who were distinguished. “The attendance was only of the awarded children, without a larger audience due to epidemiological measures due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus,” said this post, although it was not clear if the event had been that same day.

However, and beyond the statements of his lawyers indicate that Djokovic tested positive for coronavirus carried out on December 16, there are no certainties about his physical situation in those days of events that are now under scrutiny. The analysis table must also take into account that the lawyers indicated that he had no “fever or other symptoms” during the previous hours..

Djokovic was handing out trophies to young athletes from his country
Djokovic was handing out trophies to young athletes from his country

The new details of the story do not end here. The australian newspaper The Age had access to Australian Open documentation in which it is reported that the “Players had to submit all the necessary documentation for a panel of independent experts to review their immunization exemption before December 10, 2021”. That is, six days before Nole receive the news of your positive for COVID-19.

The same publication detailed that the number 1 in the world ranking, which came to Australia with the aim of becoming the tennis player with the most Grand Slam in history, received the visa to enter Australia on November 18 and the December 30 obtained the exemption certificate from the medical director of Tennis Australia, the body that regulates this discipline in the country.

All this happens while Djokovic remains isolated in the Melbourne migrant hotel. His lawyers also asked for a permit so that he can leave the place to “be able to train” before the start of the tournament –scheduled for next January 17–, but this demand was rejected. Yes, instead, they provided him with “gluten-free food, a laptop, a SIM card and exercise equipment”, according to the information provided by the Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic.

Next Monday the Australian authorities will have to decide whether to confirm the decision to revoke his visa and the medical exemption, or if they back down.


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