The planets that Celebrity Wars must discover in larger intensity (and that aren’t Tatooine)


For a franchise set in a galaxy a ways, a ways away, Celebrity Wars Has a Bizarre Fixation on a Handful of Planets. In truth, we might say Celebrity Wars is just too obsessive about Tatooine. It is the most effective Celebrity Wars planet to seem in all 3 movie trilogies, and has been a fixture in each The Mandalorian and The Guide of Boba Fett.

It is not that we do not revel in visiting this sun-drenched international, however there are many different interesting planets that have not but won their due remedy in motion pictures and TV displays. Let’s check out the Celebrity Wars planets that deserve essentially the most highlight.


Regardless of by no means having gave the impression in a Skywalker Saga movie, Corellia is unquestionably probably the most essential worlds within the Celebrity Wars galaxy.. For something, it is the birthplace of A-list Rise up pilots like Han Solo and Wedge Antilles. Han and Wedge are simply two contributors of a tradition that turns out to have a want to go back and forth and a thirst for journey in its DNA.

Even supposing Corellia in spite of everything made its live-action debut in Solo: A Celebrity Wars Tale, we most effective were given transient glimpses of the planet languishing below Imperial career. Why no longer display this important international earlier than the Empire generation, or the position it performed within the battle in opposition to the First Order? One want most effective evaluate the relative sizes of the Canon and Legends variations of the Corellia pages of Wookieepedia to peer that Disney hasn’t even begun to faucet into the storytelling possible of this planet.

Yavin IV

The fourth moon of the gasoline massive Yavin performs crucial position in each A New Hope and Rogue One. It’s there that the Rise up Alliance establishes its base of operations and launches its first actual assault in opposition to the Empire. All of this begs the query: why Yavin IV? What made this international the appropriate one to function the name of the game headquarters of the Revolt? Who constructed the ones temples within the jungle and what used to be their unique function?

Enthusiasts of the older Expanded Universe novels will know that a few of the ones questions have been spoke back in creator Kevin J. Anderson’s Jedi Academy Trilogy, which published that the Yavin complicated used to be an historic Jedi temple that also properties the imprisoned spirit of a Sith Lord named Exar Kun. Why no longer adapt that twist to the brand new Disney canon?

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Alderaan is unquestionably probably the most essential planets in all the Celebrity Wars galaxy.. As the house of Bail Organa and his followed daughter Leia, it’s mainly the birthplace of the Rise up Alliance. Sadly, we most effective see this international from area in Episode IV, earlier than it turns into a checking out flooring for Grand Moff Tarkin’s new toy. In truth, in Episode III we most effective see a couple of photographs of Alderaan, and lots of the tales center of attention extra at the tragedy of its destruction than what this international used to be truly like.

Why no longer use Alderaan as a atmosphere for a pre-Episode IV tale? Display us the difficulties Bail Organa confronted seeking to foment a Revolt with out drawing the total wrath of Emperor Palpatine. And a tender Princess Leia?

Ord Mantell

The planet Ord Mantell has lengthy been a supply of fascination for Celebrity Wars enthusiasts.. That international is in short discussed in The Empire Moves Again when Han Solo displays on a up to date stumble upon with certainly one of Jabba’s bounty hunters. We will be able to suppose that Ord Mantell is a kind of depressing hives of scum and villainy that make the Celebrity Wars franchise what it’s, which without a doubt makes it price testing.

Until the date, Ord Mantell has been noticed essentially within the Celebrity Wars comics and within the animated collection The Unhealthy Cargo.. There’s a lot of room to discover its historical past as a base of operations for the Black Solar syndicate and its position within the Imperial generation. And perhaps certainly one of at the present time we will in spite of everything get the definitive account of precisely what came about when Han visited Ord Mantell.

My Cala

Mon Cala could also be a very powerful planet in Celebrity Wars that hasn’t ever gave the impression in a film. This watery international is house to 2 iconic alien races: the Mon Calamari and their squid-like opponents, the Quarren. Because of the Mon Calamari’s experience in starship design, their international used to be a hotly contested battlefield within the Clone Wars and throughout the reign of the Empire.

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For essentially the most phase, this international has been explored within the Clone Wars animated collection and Wonder comics. The Mandalorian presented Trask in its 2d season, a moon that serves as a 2d house to the Mon Calamari and Quarren peoples, however that is no exchange for the true international.


Dantooine is without doubt one of the first worlds to be discussed in a Celebrity Wars film.. This non violent, far flung planet used to be just about burnt up by way of the Loss of life Celebrity earlier than Grand Moff Tarkin discovered that it used to be now not the house of the Rise up Alliance. However at one level the Raiders settled on Dantooine, and that turns out like a tale price telling.

In truth, Dantooine has a shockingly intriguing backstory for a global populated most commonly by way of farmers.. Even the Jedi used to take care of a temple there throughout the Outdated Republic and harvest kyber crystals. For sure there is a explanation why this reputedly harmless international has been the scene of such a lot battle within the Celebrity Wars universe.

Nal Hutta & Nar Shaddaa

Should you assume Mos Eisley is a depressing hive of scum and villainy, wait till you meet Nal Hutta. As her identify signifies, this swampy planet is house to the Hutts. It is the type of position just a hedonistic gangster may love.

Then there’s Nal Hutta’s notorious moon, Nar Shaddaa. There is a explanation why it is nicknamed “Smuggler’s Moon.” It’s house to lots of the maximum tough felony cartels within the galaxy., and numerous smugglers, bounty hunters and different riffraff name this moon house. Nar Shaddaa has a wealthy historical past within the vintage Legends timeline, however Disney’s Celebrity Wars tasks have most effective simply begun to harness the opportunity of those two seedy worlds.


It could appear odd to incorporate Naboo in this listing when it is gave the impression in 4 Celebrity Wars motion pictures to this point. However whilst Naboo is without doubt one of the major settings for The Phantom Threat, it regularly feels just like the franchise hasn’t tapped into Naboo’s possible and its other people within the post-Clone Wars length.

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What’s it like dwelling on Naboo after Senator Palpatine turns into Emperor Palpatine? Do its population feel sorry about having helped set up a galactic tyrant on his throne? How does Palpatine himself see his homeworld? What’s going to turn into of Naboo after the Empire?

Within the Wonder comics about Darth Vader we get an concept of ​​what lifestyles is like on this international throughout the imperial age. It seems that the past due Senator Amidala’s former handmaidens and bodyguards have been main a resistance mobile or even tried to assassinate Darth Vader. It is a get started, however we’d like extra of Naboo.

Sith Worlds

One of the vital downsides of Disney taking away the outdated Expanded Universe is that we do not know a lot in regards to the outdated Sith Lords earlier than Darth Sidious rose to energy. We now have noticed glimpses of Darth Bane and references to Darth Revan, however there’s numerous historical past of the Sith that must be finished. It does not assist that the franchise now has 3 other worlds that declare to be the traditional house of the Sith.

In The Clone Wars Season 6 finale, Yoda travels to Moraband, a global previously referred to as Korriban within the EU. In Celebrity Wars Rebels, Ahsoka has his fateful duel with Darth Vader on Malachor. And in The Upward thrust of Skywalker, we be informed that Palpatine retired to Exegol and spent many years construction his Ultimate Order fleet.

Those 3 worlds be offering interesting clues to the historical past of the Sith, however there’s nonetheless a lot we do not know. Which of those planets used to be the real birthplace of the Sith? Why are there 3 Sith planets within the first position? In all probability the approaching Knights of the Outdated Republic remake can transparent up all this confusion.