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The play that all Spain talks about: the goal that a team suffered for not knowing the regulations in detail

The play they talk about in Spain

The match between Llerenense and Cacereño of the third division of Spanish football is giving something to talk about, after there was a curious play that ended in a goal for the visiting team and to the anger of the local soccer players, who ended up berating the referee for no reason.

The confrontation played at the Fernando Robina Stadium ended in triumph by a 4-0 win. Being in the second goal, at 55 minutes, the one that now travels the world.

In the images you could see the moment in which Espinosa kicks the goal and the ball went far above, ending the play in a goal kick. Later, Cacereño’s players left the area for the goalkeeper to put the ball into play.

The referee ended up validating the goal
The referee ended up validating the goal

As the broadcast showed, the Llerenense defense wanted to make use of the new rule implemented by the IFAB, which allows defenders to enter the area to receive the ball.

So far everything was normal, however, after the goalkeeper put the ball into play, the defender froze, with his arm raised and watching as the forward of the rival team approached at full speed to press.

When he saw the opponent very close, he He gave it back to the goalkeeper shortly, but there was no longer any reaction time. Teto recovered and scored the 0-2 partial, while the rivals went from surprise to anger and reproaches to the referee without realizing that they were the ones who were wrong in their complaints.

The IFAB Regulations
The IFAB Regulations

According IFAB regulations, Rule 16 (goal kicks) says that:

The ball must be stationary and a player from the defending team will hit it from anywhere in the goal area

The ball is in play the moment it has been kicked and is clearly in motion.

The opponents must remain outside the penalty area until the ball is in play

Later, since June 1, 2019, FIFA and the International Board (IFAB) launched a series of minor rule changes, one of them in rule 16.

In said modification the defender is allowed to enter the area to shorten the distance to the goalkeeper, which gives the team another alternative when it comes to starting playing from behind while maintaining possession.

After knowing this new norm, the IFAB clarified some doubts through a statement where it said that: “If the free kick is executed quickly and an opponent does not have time to leave the area, he will not be able to obstruct or prevent the execution of the service. goal, although he will be able to intercept the ball when it is already in play ”.

There are several teams that use the short goal kick
There are several teams that use the short goal kick

“This last action will be allowed since the defending team, like a fast free kick, wants to gain an advantage with the fast execution of the goal kick, and in case of not achieving it, the rule will not grant it ”, he added.

“Those players who voluntarily remain in the area or enter it before of the execution of the goal kick They will not be able to take advantage of their situation illegitimately, not even in the event that the goal kick was executed quickly ”, he remarked. In this sense, it is understood that if Teto had stayed inside the area at the time of the service, and scored the goal, it would have been invalidated.

That is why the goal ended up being part of the 4-0 win that Llerenense suffered., which ranks second to last in Group B with eight points. El Cacereño, on the other hand, with the victory climbed to first place with 31 units.


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