The Police arrest two people in Malaga for distributing content via IPTV from LaLiga. They would have won more than 87,000 euros


The National Police has arrested two people involved in the sale of paid audiovisual content. In an official statement, the authorities have explained that “the economic damage caused to the owners of the distributed multimedia content amounts to more than €87,500“.

The arrest occurred after an investigation that LaLiga launched in 2019. The target, as they also tell in TorrentFreak, was a website that was promoting through social networks, subscriptions to IPTV and CCCAM services not authorized to watch football.

The detainees have been accused of crimes against intellectual property, against television broadcasting services of a conditional nature and for electric power fraud. The Police explains that “they had a high degree of technological specialization, since to perpetrate their illicit activities they used a sophisticated infrastructure with which they provided services to their clients.”

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LaLiga does not loosen in its fight against IPTVs

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The LaLiga investigation sought to identify the person behind the network and discover the technical infrastructure that supported the broadcasts. “Following the money” found how subscribers paid for subscriptions and by discovering the financial platform they used, were able to identify two individuals in Malaga who are believed to be primarily responsible for the operation.

Those responsible for the website sold LaLiga paid content through the internet and via satellite

LaLiga has not stopped redoubling efforts to block pages that broadcast football without a license. Not long ago they achieved a ruling that would allow all Internet access operators in Spain to block IPTV and cardsharing platforms every week.

At the end of 2021, the National Police had dismantled another illicit IPTV service in Vitoria, Álava, which, according to the institution, would have obtained annual profits of around 40,000 euros. A few months earlier, six people were arrested for precisely selling IPTV services and satellite television that they got about 150,000 euros a year.


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