The police publish a false SMS from the Treasury to rob you: be very careful if something like this comes to you


The 2021 income campaign ended on June 30, leaving, as is normal for many people, an atmosphere of uncertainty. This is because a large part of taxpayers have not yet received the corresponding income, having to see how in the state of the return of the rent it is lengthening weeks. This is something that can reach the December 31which is the maximum date imposed by the Treasury to make the returns.

That is why many cybercriminals are already taking advantage of this situation, with a new phishing campaign that The National Police itself has reported on its Twitter account. We tell you all the details so that you avoid biting in the event that you are waiting for your return.


A form to receive the tax refund

Just like The National Police has informed through its Twitter accountthere are many taxpayers who have received text messages in recent days reminding them that you have a pending return. In order to claim it, it is required that enter a fraudulent website to enter the data that will supposedly give rise to having the corresponding return of your IRPF in your bank.

The messages that have spread through networks comes from a Spanish number which can vary. Although as a result of different answers in this official tweet, also is coming through the email itself. What it specifically says is the following:

Tax Agency: I qualify you for a tax refund. Find your rebate form on the website: [URL fraudulenta].


At first glance, you can see that the message it is not very well written in spanish, when using the expression “qualify” to refer to the fact that a return has been granted. But also many people who are waiting for this amount to arrive from the declaration filed they can go in and enter their details without thinking twice. This will finally allow them to access your personal accounts without too much complication.

How to check the processing status of Income 2021: so you can see why you haven't collected yet

In order to avoid it, you must bear in mind that the Tax Agency will never send you links via SMS or email to fill out. It is advisable to go to check the status of the rent, and as soon as it is processed you can receive a confirmation SMS that the checks have proved you right and the draft is confirmed. But in no case to receive the money will you have to fill out a form. So before any similar SMS, what you should do is ignore it and delete it immediately, being able to report it as SPAM.


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