The Pope listening to Megalovania from Undertale leaves us one of the curious moments of the new year


This song from the soundtrack of the indie hit by tobyfox has accumulated more than 100 million views on Spotify.

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The receptions in the Vatican before the Pope have left great and strange moments in history, and video games do not want to be less. In this sense, this week an audience before the Supreme Pontiff where the music of the successful Undertale sounded in the background for a circus performance has been quite commented.

It is a moment captured by the Vatican cameras during the general audience of Pope Francis granted this Wednesday, January 5, where we can see the Holy Father enjoying the show offered by a group of jugglers and other artists, all accompanied by Megalovania from the tobyfox video game.

Megalovania is the soundtrack of one of Undertale’s boss fights. At the moment we do not know the reason for choosing this musical track for the number, although its use is not surprising given the success of the composition. Thus, Megalovania accumulates more than 105 million views to date on Spotify.

The performance before Pope Francis has also become viral, with a million and a half reproductions on Twitter through the account @UltimaShadowX.

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Undertale is one of the biggest hits on the indie scene in recent years, offering one of those rarity that occur when the way of making games is so uniform and so constrained that only by taking the opposite path is it possible to surprise as Alejandro Pascual told us in the analysis of Undertale by 3DJuegos. Its creator is working on the new installment of the saga, called Deltarune.

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