The Porta-Potty Fight At Morgan Wallen’s Concert Goes Viral


The Porta-Potty Fight At Morgan Wallen’s Concert Goes Viral:

During a Morgan Wallen show on August 30 at PNC Park within Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, there was a fight over the use of porta toilets. The city’s department of public safety stated that no one was caught, though.

In a video that is now going viral, two women are fighting about how one of them seems to have cut in line outside of a line of red porta potties. As soon as the women start hitting each other, the fight gets worse quickly.

Eventually, each of them pushes the other backwards into a single of the porta-potty stalls as an onlooker who is leaving moves away from the fight.

At The Morgan Wallen Show In Pittsburgh, Some Fights Between Women Were Caught Upon Video:

This week, a film was taken of a fight between a few women outside the portable toilets at a Morgan Wallen show in Pittsburgh. In the video posted on X, one lady may be heard telling another, “F— you! You can’t cut within front of me!” and then they started pushing each other wildly.

Two women who had just come out of a port-a-potty pushed a woman who had recently left the stall. The woman swiftly walked away from the fight. A third woman joins the fight throughout the porta potty, where two women are already holding the other one down.

A fourth woman joins the fight and pulls one of the women out of the porta potty. The two women start pulling each other’s hair and hitting each other as a man tries to stop the fight. Eventually, other people at the show join in to help calm things down.

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Pittsburgh’s Department Of Public Safety Said That There Were No Arrests:

A spokesperson from Pittsburgh’s department of public safety said that there were no arrests, but there were “plenty of ejections for intoxication.” The representative also said that “the parties who were involved in the altercation dispersed” before the cops were told about the fight.

The man then pulled a single of the women out of the stall to try to stop the fight, but it didn’t work. One of the women who joined the fight after it had already started shoved as well as pushed another into the port-a-potty, yet she fell outside and landed upon the ground.

Near the conclusion of the film, a woman who looked like she was in charge stepped in and stopped the fight, but they kept shouting their complaints regarding each other.

Police Say That The Fight Broke Up Before They Could Get There:

Police didn’t find out about the fight until after the fight was over, so no arrests were made. However, “plenty” of concertgoers were kicked out for being drunk, Pittsburgh’s Public Safety Department tells Billboard. No one knows for sure if any of the women had to leave the show.

A night to remember for sure. She was probably trying to protect her mom, and in doing so, she won the hearts of everyone in America. If you know anything regarding the World Wide Web, it’s that she’s going to have a show with Tiffany Gomas on our network as soon as we start hiring people again.

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After Vocal Injuries, Wallen’s June 14-15 One Night At A Time World Tour Dates Within Pittsburgh Had To Be Moved:

She will most likely be on BFFs alongside Dave next week. Then everything will go downhill from there, and before they know it, they’ll be talking alongside Spotify for $60 million.

Dave adds Alex Cooper, Pat McAfee, Jenna Marbles, the Romper Stomper, as well as Crazy Plane Lady to his list of all-time favorites. Again, Barstool does it.

One person joked, “It would have been a great idea to lock all four of them within there and then turn it over.” Wallen’s One Night at a Time World Tour dates within Pittsburgh were moved from June 14–15 to July 18–19 because the singer said in May that she had hurt her voice.