The PSG captain recounted how they lived the Mauro Icardi scandal with Wanda Nara in the locker room

Captain Marquinhos spoke about Mauro Icardi (Photo: Reuters)
Captain Marquinhos spoke about Mauro Icardi (Photo: Reuters)

In a team full of stars as has rarely been seen in the history of football, each step taken by one of its members has a huge magnifying glass over the fans and the press. The interest is in the field, but also outside it. The media marital conflict that Mauro Icardi went through with Wanda Nara in recent days is a clear example of this event. The event traveled the world, but it also had its impact inside the PSG.

In the midst of an almost absolute silence on the subject that only broke with the coach’s obligatory references Mauricio Pochettino, was the captain Marks the one in charge of giving some clues about what happened in the locker room.

“I try to pay attention to what happens outside of football, to training sessions. When you are captain you have to open your horizon a little more and be attentive to those who retire, stay in their corner, have a hard time playing less … Even in the squad, I try to know what people are like. Afterwards, Mauro’s case is a bit special, it is not for me to come and talk about him. In the dressing room we try to maintain a positive atmosphere. We regret that he is not available and mentally well to be with us on the field. We miss him”, He warned in an extensive interview with the newspaper The Parisian when they asked him if his role as captain should be limited to the field of play or also have a greater scope.

The interview was released on Saturday, but was conducted on Thursday, the first day Icardi reappeared for PSG after several days of conflict. The 28-year-old Argentine forward had started a 2-1 win over Angers in Ligue 1 on Friday, but then exploited his personal problem on Saturday with his wife’s posting. Mauro was absent to practice on Sunday and Monday, but the most complex thing was his decision to get off the duel against Leipzig for the Champions League when the coach did not have other heavy hitters such as Neymar and Ángel Di María available.

Finally, the Argentine reappeared in practice on Thursday and is expected to be among those called up for this Sunday’s classic (15.45) against Olympique de Marseille directed by Jorge Sampaoli. “Mauro is a psychologically strong player. He trained with us after the Leipzig game, which he was not there. He has trained regularly until today and he will be in the group for tomorrow ”, supported him by coach Pochettino in the last hours. “It is clear that the club, from the president to all the staff who are here, have made themselves available to be in the place where Mauro needs us to be, thats the reality. Mauro is fine, he is available to be part of the group, so I am happy that he is integrated with the team again ”, he added.


"I talk to him, he talks to me, we tell each other things ... Messi is an extraordinary player and a golden person"said Messi Marquinhos (Photo: Reuters)
“I talk to him, he talks to me, we tell each other things … Messi is an extraordinary player and a golden person,” said Marquinhos of Messi (Photo: Reuters)

• The relationship with Lionel Messi: “He understands what is important for the team, what it takes to win a game. I talk to him, he talks to me, we tell each other things… Messi is an extraordinary player and a golden person. I haven’t known him for a long time, but we do talk a few times. If the game does not allow us to tell each other things on the field, we will talk about it later ”.

• How are Messi, Neymar and Mbappé: “Ney is a magician, champion of creativity and improvisation. Messi is a monster, an extraordinary efficiency, a guy from another dimension. And Kylian is “Meteorite” as they say in Brazil, a meteorite, a type that has known different from childhood and that continues to show that it is not like the others. These guys are amazing! “

• The phrase of the squad when they see the trident play: “Each one has his own qualities, but all three are exceptional players, who touch the extraordinary. These guys are geniuses, period. When I see them training, I tell myself that everything is going too fast in their head, I don’t know how they are doing. Sometimes we look and say to ourselves: “Wow, but how do they do that?” They have an extraordinary level. It’s good, we take advantage of it every day ”.

• The team’s slow progress and criticism of Pochettino: “Sometimes we play well and we don’t win. Sometimes it is the other way around, we play less well but we win. In the end, we see teams be champions without developing the best game in the world… There is no secret formula to win a championship or a Champions League. You have to be decisive at key moments. That is the fate of PSG. When you are the PSG coach, there are always discussions about you, you are always in the center of the debates, they always question you. You have to know how to do it. We are protected from that. We are a team, we trust each other, we are sure of our squad and the coach ”.

• Criticism of Neymar for his private life: “The cracks are always more specific than the others. Ney, Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappé… People want to know everything about the stars, what they do with their lives. That’s right, the public is more interested in Neymar’s daily life than in Marqui’s. (Smiles) He is aware of that. He doesn’t like people messing with the person, but if you have to talk about Ney the player, whether he is good or not, he will accept it and always respect him. Players know when things get out of hand on a personal level or not.


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