The public Infojobs is getting closer: one of the biggest SEPE changes in history has been approved


This Tuesday the Council of Ministers has given the green light to the preliminary draft of the Employment Law that is already in the hands of the Congress of Deputies. This is a really important legislation to be able to achieve a better integration of a user in the employment market, with different technological tools. One of them is the future implementation of a public infojobsintegrated in the Spanish Employment Agency.

The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has affirmed that the SEPE is one of the best-known public services in our country. And that is why its transformation will include a** great digitization** integrating the Big Data that will promise to cross data in a massive way to achieve job offers adapted to each worker.

The public Infojobs is getting closer in Spain

This new law details that the SEPE will end up disappearing as we know it. Instead it will be renamed as Spanish Employment Agency, and will integrate a Common Portfolio of Services. This is what is considered public Infojobs, bringing together a large number of offers from different sectors. But they will not be limited to those public service offerssince private companies will also be encouraged to enter this job market.

Employ yourself

When entering this “Infojobs”, a file will be created with all the worker’s data. In this way it will be possible cross through big data with all the job offers that are present, and also to offer personalized training for employment.

But equally, as it happens in Infojobs or in another employment portal on the Internet, there is also a search engine to be able to track these offers. The really interesting thing is that from now on the large reference portal will belong to the public service and that you receive an exhaustive control of each of the offers that are published. In this case it will be an improvement with respect to the current portal: Empléate yourself.

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This training can also be carried out thanks to different tutors or counselors who will be hired by the ministry over the next few months to achieve individualized and continuous attention. In the end, the personalized itinerary will be vital so that any worker does not feel abandoned by the administrations.

Although, for now we will have to wait for the processing phase in the Cortes to conclude. During this time you can undergo numerous changes, which you see altered the experience you have with this Infojobs. We have already seen how in the first round there were nuances that have ended up disappearing in this second round. But apparently the bases of digitization will remain completely intact.


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