The purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft has generated many reactions, but above all memes


Users have not been slow to publish images and videos that theorize about the future of this acquisition with a lot of jokes.

The most famous news of the week, and probably what remainder of the year, is the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. This bombing has created doubts of all kinds in the community, including the fate of Bobby Kotick due to the controversy around your company.

In 3DJuegos we have not been able to avoid theorizing about what this purchase means, so we have already written opinions about the work that Microsoft has ahead of it and the forgotten sagas that we would love to see back. However, Internet users have once again reiterated their creativity with hilarious ideas who, in their own way, imagine the peculiar future that awaits Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. So, in the absence of more information about the plans of both companies, let’s ease the general tension with a few memes.

Unsurprisingly, epic news needs a meme with a epic saga. And the best way to explain the history between Activision, Blizzard and Microsoft is with images of the Lord of the Rings, especially referring to the stages more important among the three companies. And isn’t that a more than wise idea?

And now we go with the series, because Microsoft’s decisions seem very spontaneous. Of course, there are weeks of talks and negotiations involved, but it makes us giggle to think of Phil Spencer as if he were the indecisive Morty, especially because of the unexpected news that it tends to give us.

But they also give cane to Bobby Kotick, who this time remains as CEO of Activision Blizzard until the purchase takes place. And it is that many of us have felt that way when we see the news before the announcement of the destination of Kotick, as if the lollipop had been taken from our hand.

Of course, Microsoft has cornered the news multiple times thanks to your purchases. Therefore, the dynamic has changed, and if before “we were not expecting the Spanish Inquisition”, now Microsoft has shown that it can surprise us at any time with a surprise acquisition.

This has made the company have a wide assortment of characters and IP with which to experience, which has given really crazy ideas to the Internet community. And what is one of these ideas? Well, nothing less than Clippy, the iconic Microsoft Office mascot, joining the Overwatch roster. All right.

But put to imagine, the players take advantage of the occasion to unite all kinds of proposals. And by this we mean that they have actually created a small project that includes mechanics from the shooter, the souls, Minecraft, Mario Kart and more references in Peach’s Castle from Super Mario 64. And hopefully this will come true one day.

There is no doubt that this moment is memorable for the entire gaming community, but we can make the news even longer with a good selection of memes. And those that remain to be seen! We encourage you to publish the funniest images and the craziest ideas so that, amid so much doubt and uncertainty, we can laugh for a while.

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