The ‘reactions’ and ‘spoilers’ come to Telegram Desktop, but some new functions are reserved for smartphones for now


Yesterday, Telegram announced the launch of its twelfth update so far this year and, throughout the morning, also users of the desktop app, Telegram Desktop, have been receiving it and being able to assess the new features included.

For their part, users of ‘Telegram to macOS’ (which is not the Mac version of Telegram Desktop, but rather an optimized version for Apple’s OS) will see that developers they have redesigned all the application menus, adding some new suggestions for keyboard shortcuts and animated icons for each of the app’s menu items.

But the most relevant are the new functionalities. That’s where, as Xataka Móvil’s colleagues say, “the instant messaging platform was reserving ‘the fat’ for the end of the year”.

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Let’s review in detail what does this new update bring:


The reactions

If Telegram was the first messaging app to add animated and interactive emojis, now some of these emojis are also available as reactions to messages, in the image and likeness of Facebook posts.

To use them, you just have to put the cursor on one of the messages you have received, and on the side A menu with several animated emojis will appear, through which you can scroll by scrolling.


It is possible that, for now, you can only see these ‘reactions’ in private chats, since in groups and channels it is the administrators who have to activate them expressly, as well as choose which of them are available in the chat, which allows you to articulate many different ways of receiving feedback: from simple ‘likes’ (❤️) to ‘approve / reject’ systems (👍 / 👎).


The goal of the spoilers feature is very simple: to be able to make part or all of a message hidden by default from the recipient (also when it is displayed as a notification or in the chat list) … but allow is displayed if your interlocutor clicks on the hidden message portion.

To create a spoiler yourself, you just have to select any part of your text while you are writing, right-click and choose the new ‘Spoiler’ format from the context menu. This will hide the selected part of your message in the chat, as well as in the list of chats and notifications.


How good this functionality would have been for us when all our friends had seen the final chapter of ‘Game of Thrones’ … except us, eh?

What we haven’t seen (for now)

But nevertheless, two other functions announced and already present in the mobile versions of Telegram have not been shown in the latest desktop version update: the generation of QRs personalized and thematic (for users, groups and channels), and translation functions, which allow the app itself to translate messages on demand in languages ​​other than the one you have configured as your own in its settings.


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