The reason for the decision to release Novak Djokovic

A fan demonstrated in front of the Park Hotel (Reuters)
A fan demonstrated in front of the Park Hotel (Reuters)

There are moments of tension in Australia after the decision of the judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Melbourne, Anthony Kelly, was known to order the Australian Government to implement the release order, give him his passport and personal effects and pay the costs legal of Novak Djokovic.

As reported by Australian Press Association (AAP), this determination was made after the lawyers of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Karen Andrews, considered that the circumstances in which the cancellation of the tennis player’s visa occurred “They were not reasonable under the circumstances.”

As indicated in the report published by the AAP, the tennis player arrived in Australia on Wednesday night and It was during the early hours of Thursday when the problem occurred with your medical exemption documents to participate in the first Grand Slam of the year

Novak Djokovic was photographed at an Australian Border Force booth at Melbourne airport (Reuters)
Novak Djokovic was photographed at an Australian Border Force booth at Melbourne airport (Reuters)

“Djokovic was informed at 5:20 am on Thursday that he had until 8.30 am to respond to a notice of intention to cancel his visa. However, their comments were requested at 6.14 am “, detailed the local press agency, implying that The initially indicated deadlines were not met.

Judge Kelly stood on that point, arguing that if he had been given the originally established time, the Serb could have contacted someone responsible that I could assist you immediately.

“I mean they put me in a very awkward position where I can’t call the director of Tennis Australia at four in the morning, I cannot connect with anyone in the Victorian state government through Tennis Australia. They just put me in a very uncomfortable position, “he would have said. Nole, according to the transcripts published by the judge.

During those early morning hours, the tennis player insisted that he couldn’t get the documents they asked for and he refused to sign an order that prohibited him from entering the country. It was then that an official informed him that he was going to be escorted to the refugee hotel while his situation was studied.

Fans of the Serbian gathered to show their support (Reuters)
Fans of the Serbian gathered to show their support (Reuters)

From Australia, the reporter Karen Sweeney that reports on the minute by minute from the Court, warned that “the statement of a spokesman for the Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawke, says that he is still considering a decision on deportation and that the process is ongoing “However, he assured that the information about the four-hour period to make this decision, “only applies if the immigration authorities interview Djokovic again. That hasn’t happened, so there is no limit of four hours to make a decision ”.

From Serbia, expectations are not good after the President of Parliament Ivica Dacic he will assure that he believes that Australian authorities are preparing to deport the tennis player, despite the judge ordering the release of the world’s number one tennis player: “Obviously, the Australian authorities will choose to deport him,” he told the Serbian station. Hepi.


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