The Relationship Between Millie Bobby Brown And Her Fiancé Jake Bongiovi


The Relationship Between Millie Bobby Brown And Her Fiancé Jake Bongiovi:

Within an interview alongside The Sunday Times that came out on Sunday, the 19-year-old “Stranger Things” star talked about their romance and said that they met on Instagram.

“I was curious about him as well as wanted to learn more about him. “As soon as we talked, I knew he would play a big role in my life,” she said. “When we met, we realized we would never want to be apart from each other.”

Millie Bobby Brown got engaged to Jake Bongiovi in April, as well as the couple have already begun plans for their wedding.

In an additional conversation with The Sunday Times, the 19-year-old actress talked about some of the details. She said that the 21-year-old singer proposed alongside a ring that belongs to Brown’s mum, Kelly.

Millie Bobby Brown Stated She’s Always Loved That Ring, And I’ve Always Remembered It:

She said, “I’ve always liked that ring, and it’s always stood out to me, so she brought it to Jake.” “They worked together on the whole plan. I love that I have the ability to keep something of my mom alongside me.

She continued, “I ran to my mom as well as told her, ‘I really, really such as him! After we met, we both knew we would never want to be apart.

You can’t put your finger on why, but you just know that that person is the one you would like to spend the rest of your life with.

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I think a lot of what we do in life is think too much. He was the only thing that made sense to me. So I didn’t have to think much about it.”

Bongiovi Is The Son Of The Rock Star Jon Bon Jovi:

Jon Bon Jovi as well as his wife Dorothea have a son named Bongiovi. The two of them, as well as Brown’s parents, seem to be very happy about the marriage.

She said, “They are so happy.” “My mom and dad love him. I and Jake both come from families where both of our parents have been together for a long time. My parents met when they were young, so I have always had great examples of how to be in a relationship.

In April, the “Enola Holmes” star hinted in a sweet Instagram post that she was going to marry Bongiovi.

In the picture, Brown is in Bongiovi’s arms as he stands on the beach. The “Stranger Things” actress held hands with her boyfriend while wearing a beautiful ring upon her engagement finger.

Millie Bobby Brown Posted A Picture With The Caption, “I’ve Loved You For A Year Now, Honey, And I Want ’em All.”

She wrote in the post’s caption, “I’ve loved you for three summers now, honey, and now I want them all,” which is a line from Taylor Swift’s 2019 hit song “Lover.”

She told The Sunday Times that Bongiovi utilized Brown’s mother’s ring to ask Brown to marry her. “I’ve always liked that ring it’s always stood out to me, so she brought it to Jake. They agreed on everything about the plan. She said, “I love that I am able to keep a part of my mother with me.”

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She also said, “His family is great, and they accepted myself with open arms. I’m so happy to be an element of their lives.”

The Date Of The Wedding Has Not Been Set Yet:

They haven’t set a date for the wedding yet, but she was contacted through a number of designers who want to make her dress. She’s “weighing up options,” but the event is “not regarding what I wear.”

When pressed if she would change her surname to Millie Bobby Brown Bongiovi as well as Millie Bobby Brownovi, Brown laughed as well as said, “I don’t think that’s it. But we continue to have those talks, and I think they are important.”

Millie Bobby Brown Stated That Age Doesn’t Matter If You Find The Right Person:

“I don’t know if age matters if you discover the right partner as well as grow together,” Bon Jovi said. “That’s what I’d say: it’s smart to grow together. So, I believe all of my kids have discovered people they can grow up with, and we all like them.”

In June 2021, when they were seen walking around New York City hand in hand, the “Stranger Things” star as well as Bongiovi sparked relationship reports.

In November 2021, they made it official on Instagram. Later, they walked the red carpet together for the first time at the 2022 BAFTAs.