The remake of The Last of Us is shown again in a short comparative video of Joel and his graphics


Naughty Dog has shared a small fragment on social networks with the differences between PS4 and PS5.

It seems incredible, but there is less than a month left for the remake of The Last of Us to be published on PlayStation 5. This revamped Naughty Dog for Sony’s next-generation console, it has already shown us a gameplay video of its virtues and we have very complete comparisons of its graphics, although as the launch approaches we are getting to know more material.

Changes in graphics and animations are shownThe Californian developer itself has shared through its different profiles on social networks a new very short comparative video. In it we see for 14 seconds Joel riding down the road with Tommy, his brother, on one of the routes that are part of the game. You can see it below:

The video not only shows the virtues, but also makes a graphic comparison between the remake and the remaster of PlayStation 4. The progress is evident not only in terms of modeling and lighting of the forest that surrounds the characters, but also in terms of animations of Joel, Tommy and the horses.

Whether or not we are convinced by the changes, we will have to decide for the launch of the game, which is scheduled for the next September 2 on PS5, although there is a PC version in development that should not take long. The developers of this The Last of Us: Part I have had to publicly defend the work that the studio has done in the face of complaints from some users who expected a greater revolution in the remake, especially in terms of playable possibilities.

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