The report on Neymar’s parties in France: endless birthday celebrations, empty bottles on the streets and shaking windows

Neymar, in the eye of the storm for his parties
Neymar, in the eye of the storm for his parties

Paris Saint Germain he needs peace in the face of the complex revenge he will have against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, but the climate is getting thicker. The critical eye in the club is placed on Neymar, which had an excellent first semester but started in 2023 as the protagonist of different controversial situations. After the exchanges with the sports director and the suggestive phrases of Kylian Mbappe Regarding the care in personal life that they became related to the Brazilian, the focus returned to their parties.

The newspaper The team He made an extensive report to detail the controversy that exists in his neighborhood for his celebrations. The journalist Tom Prevot spoke with different residents of Bougival, a small town on the outskirts of Paris where Ney He has had his mansion since 2017, when he landed at PSG. “Once he brought tents, an orchestra and all the sound equipment. I live across the street and my windows were shaking”, affirmed one of the testimonies. “We hear everything even though we live 600 meters away. This person has no respect, the fact that he is Neymar is no excuse. Some evenings have lasted 48 hours”, joined a retired neighbor who is “fed up” with the nights out, according to the outlet.

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last february 5 Ney He had a birthday and the celebration at his home revealed a new conflict off the field in his life. The mayor of Bougival, Luc Wattelle, complained at the time and defined him as an “individual with no respect” for his neighbors in an interview with The Parisian. This time, several individuals acknowledged their discomfort: “You are allowed to do this on Tuesday, Sunday night. It’s annoying, but luckily it only happens a few times a year,” said a citizen of the commune named Thierry. Another person, called Maëlle, clarifies that the 31-year-old player has parties just like any other neighbor, but she pointed out a detail that bothers her: “What we can blame him for are the dead bottles that his guests leave on the street”.

The French newspaper affirms that on social networks a neighbor opened a movement against Ney’s festivities in one of the groups linked to Bougival, although hours later it was eliminated. However, the opinions of the people who live in the place are diverse: “We hear screaming girls, roar of engines, but it’s acceptable. It happens once a month at the most and they rarely bother me,” a neighbor testified. Another woman identified as Dorianne clarified that she “had a birthday like anyone else” and raised a defense: “People complain, but he comes three times a year. At her age, it’s normal for her to have fun, and with the money she has, it’s no wonder her parties are so big.. But since his name is Neymar, everyone talks about him.”

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The chronicler affirms that in his 5000 m2 mansion there was an “authentic Brazilian music party” on February 5 in honor of his 31st birthday and affirmed that this celebration started at 3:00 p.m. and lasted past midnight. The mayor, at that time, considered that the meetings at Neymar’s house are a problem for all the residents: “It wasn’t just background music. It was annoying”. He also recalled that in the past he had held an event for the PSG title that lasted until 5 in the morning, although he clarified that he has no margin to stop it: “What do you gain from facing someone who doesn’t really care about paying a 135-euro fine considering what they earn? At some point we will send a file to the prosecutor for repeated disturbance of public order. The report defines him as a “reveler” although he stresses that there is a contrast in the area: “The inhabitants are divided between annoyance and indifference.”

Neymar's house on the outskirts of Paris (Photo: AFP)
Neymar’s house on the outskirts of Paris (Photo: AFP)

It is not the first time that the talented player has been in the eye of the storm for his parties and even in 2021 the media in his country targeted him for his “marathon parties” a few days after a match for his team against Argentina. Some time later, his end-of-year celebration was also highly commented in his land.

While the pages of the European media are filled with Neymar’s private life, a sentence by Kylian Mbappé after the defeat against Bayern was quickly linked to these facts: “Now we need all our players to be in good health and we will go there ( for Germany) to qualify. We all need to eat well, sleep well, and prepare”. The answer? Ney appeared playing two poker tournaments on his day off and was photographed in a fast food housein a photo that a friend of his uploaded to social networks at dawn.

The photo of Neymar in a fast food restaurant that a friend uploaded at dawn
The photo of Neymar in a fast food restaurant that a friend uploaded at dawn

The coach, Christope Galtier, was not left out of this and clarified: “I am not going to associate Kylian’s statement with the photo of Ney in a fast food restaurant. I spoke with Ney. I told him what he thought. Ney is allowed to play poker on his recovery day, which he loves. And I told him what I thought of this photo. It will be between him and me.”

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