The return of Armored Core? A survey leaks unpublished images and details about his world with Miyazaki


This is in addition to rumors and old job offers, which together have given clues to the community about this possibility.

Armored Core V

If we talk about From Software, it is quite possible that many players immediately think of the next Elden Ring. However, the developer has also made its mark in the giant robot arena with Armored Core, a franchise highly praised by the gaming community. I have been for years rumored the return of these adventures, because Hidetaka Miyazaki has been leaving hopeful leads and From Software herself has posted unsubtle job postings.

Miyazaki would be creating the world of the next Armored CoreNow more details about this supposed return of Armored Core have been leaked through a consumer survey. As the user has published Red Liquorice In Resetera, From Software would have sent promotional material of the game to a group of players, which includes description, unpublished images and a pair of gameplays of 30 seconds each, which in turn would show a battle against a boss and the exploration for his world.

Source: ReseteraSource: Resetera

According to the information of this user, Miyazaki would be creating the world of the next installment of Armored Core. Following this line, the adventure would happen on the planet Bashtar, a sci-fi place devastated by a gigantic disaster, and would have several layers of history. To this are added some images in which it is observed, not without difficulty, some key aspects of the title such as the battle scenes or the territory we explore.

It should be noted that this is nothing more than leaked information that does not correspond to no official data, so we will have to wait for From Software to reveal its plans with the saga. After all, the developer has never completely forgotten about Armored Core, so hopefully the franchise come back some day in style. And we haven’t forgotten about this mecha experience either, so we’ve included it in our ranking of the best (and worst) From Software games.


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