The return of the mythical GoldenEye 007 is drawing near thanks to the achievements of the Nintendo 64 FPS on Xbox


Rare developers continue to unlock achievements from the classic title on Microsoft servers.

The return of GoldenEye 007 is one of the things that has been rumored for the longest time. There are already many clues about this Nintendo 64 Classicand in January of this year, Xbox achievements appeared in the different Xbox Live databases, something that is back in the news now.

In the first place, we can already consult the achievements on the Microsoft website, since have fully appeared during these days. This fact has caused the alarms to go off again about a possible project that brings the game back to the present day through a remaster o remake.

We could have news at the Xbox eventIn addition, the TrueAchievements website has registered new achievements for the title on Xbox that have been Unlocked by a Rare Engineer. At least that is what the Gamertag that appears indicates, associated with James Thomas, who has already worked in the past on the Rare Replay compilation to bring 64 classics to Xbox.

The images linked to the achievements still have a classic look, so at the moment there are no clues about a much improved version graphically. What is clear is that we could get out of doubt very soon, specifically next June 12 at the Xbox and Bethesda conference, where we will expect great announcements and news from the Xbox house.

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