The return of Twisted Metal would be developed by the authors of the next Horizon game for PlayStation VR 2


After ruling out Lucid Games, from Destruction AllStars, Firesprite aims to be the responsible studio.

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Who would have told us that we would be starting 2022 talking about Twisted Metal. To celebrate the nostalgic, the industry is increasingly looking to the past to bring back sagas loved by fans, and this is the case future reboot Which has been talked about for a long time, and which has even been confirmed for a television series.

A few days ago we informed you that a reliable source claimed that the project had changed hands, with Sony descartando a Lucid Games responsible for leading the project. These are the creators of the recent Destruction AllStars, which has not met the company’s expectations, which would have forced the studio to focus on a multiplayer triple A for PlayStation 5 with another approach.

Development would have passed from Lucid to FirespriteBut we needed to know where the production had gone. We knew that from now on a European studio from Sony is in charge, but from VGC they offer light on the matter again. Is Firesprite Games who would be in charge of the development at the moment. In addition, as they comment on Resetera, the director of several Motorstorm games and the main promoter of Drive Club, Matt Southern, has moved from Lucid to Firesprite keeping the same role (game director), which could indicate that he is taking care of the same project but in a different team.

Twisted Metal

Firesprite is a Liverpool-based outfit that recently made headlines for announcing, alongside Guerrilla, Horizon Call of the Mountain. From him we could see a brief trailer that taught us the virtues of the new virtual reality device from Sony, PlayStation VR 2, which although we already knew it, did not have official confirmation of its name and we still needed to know more about its characteristics. PlayStation itself took advantage of the CES 2022 celebration to tell us in detail what we can expect from its new helmet, which has an OLED screen, 4K HDR and a haptic system that will also be brought to the new controls.

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