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The revolutionary viral routine that fascinated Simone Biles and marks a paradigm shift in gymnastics in the United States

Gymnast Dennis Nia performance

American gymnastics is going through a moment of revolution. After uncovering the abuses carried out by the Olympic team doctor Larry Nassar, athletes of all categories have agreed to leave their silence in the past and raise their voices against any type of mistreatment they receive from authorities, coaches, or Anyone. This, with the support of former athletes who suffered for years from the culture of fear.

After this union, the typical gymnastics routines have begun to show a metamorphosis seen in a positive way by the juries where the style of music and choreographies have been adapted to current times, always respecting the harmony, precision and grace that its developers must carry forward. In turn, the interference of African-American women in the discipline, something that was not common a few decades ago, has also been key in this series of changes that became totally clear this weekend when Nia Dennis he stood on the mats.

The UCLA senior was the big star in the duel against the state of Arizona by choosing music from African-American artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Missy Elliot, Soulja Boy, Beyoncé, Tupac, Monica Denise and Megan Thee Stallion and performing a floor performance that made all those present dance and provoked the ovation of the public.

But the songs were not the only thing that attracted attention, but also his performance that consisted of great tricks, but also a lot of dance, rhythm and, at times, a breakdown qwho was accompanied by her companions to the side of the square.

Dennis Nia's teammates accompanied the routine with applause and shouts
Dennis Nia’s teammates accompanied the routine with applause and shouts

His routine surpassed 7.5 million views on Twitter thanks to the UCLA Gymnastic post that wrote: “This is how it looks Black Excellence”, The name that the young woman gave to the routine in reference to the movement that shows the achievements of African Americans in all kinds of shots and on whose page the name of Nia Dennis will surely soon appear.

The young woman received a score of 9,950 and was key to the success of her university. “This routine definitely reflects who I am today as a woman and, of course, I had to incorporate many parts of my culture.”, declared Los Angeles Daily News. “I wanted to have a dance party because that’s my personality,” he said.

“Seeing Nia Dennis celebrating her culture in a fierce and unapologetic way is a message to black gymnasts around the world that their stories matter; both on and off the mat ”, wrote the site Conversations indy 100, while the main portals in the world shared the video of his performance.

Simone Biles has been a pioneer of this type of routines

Among those who reacted on social networks to the images stood out Simone Biles, Olympic champion and world gymnastics star: “Do the damn thing girl this was so much fun to watch! keep killing! ”he wrote. In fact, she knew how to put the whole world to dance with a performance of this style in Rio 2016, where she was left with a fourth gold medal. Currently, the 23-year-old gymnast holds 19 world titles and 25 medals, being the most laureate of all time in this sport.

With respect to Nia Dennis, she had already had a similar routine last year when she used a Beyoncé medley with songs like Crazy In Love, Lose My Breath and Ego, for which he got a score of 9.975. Almost perfect.


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