The Riddler’s site for The Batman has been up to date with a brand new countdown. What is going on?


The name of the game site of The Batman that confronts enthusiasts with Enigma has been up to date with a loading display that counts all the way down to…one thing.

The site in query – – is an ARG that rewards savvy guests with rewards reminiscent of a sequence of Gotham Town Police Division sketches for The Batman, a brief video known as “Thomas Wayne Lies,” and a symbol containing a key.

This loading/countdown display additionally comprises the encryption which can also be accessed by means of clicking [CLIC PARA RECOMPENSA]. Even if what the message says is unknown, the URL may give a clue as to what we predict. The tip of the encryption web page URL is “Its_Not_Over_Yet”, which perhaps hints on the announcement of an upcoming sequel or a deleted scene which director Matt Reeves has mentioned and which comprises a definite personality. Clearly, that is all hypothesis and may become the rest.

Additionally it is essential to notice that when the site is first visitedsome fascinating textual content seems, together with, perhaps hinting that this has one thing to do with Arkham Asylum and/or a conceivable inmate there.

As new tendencies happen, we can replace this web page with any disclosures.

The Batman has simply been launched in theaters, and you’ll check out our assessment.

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