The ritual of the Chelsea players with a microwave in the locker room before going on the pitch

Chelsea players perform a particular ritual before entering the field of play (Reuters)
Chelsea players perform a particular ritual before entering the field of play (Reuters)

Since Thomas Tuchel became the coach a month ago, the Chelsea became another team. In eight games played, the set of Stamford Bridge he is undefeated, winning six games and drawing the remaining two. What’s more, for the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 series against him Atletico Madrid of Cholo Simeone, the English team achieved an important victory as a visitor – the duel was played in Romania due to the pandemic – and will arrive with an advantage on the return leg.

With this currently successful present, a particular ritual that Chelsea footballers carry out before going out to play a match in the Premier League or any other competition was known. According to the British newspaper The Sun, in the changing room of the club that is owned by the Russian Roman Abramovich there are a microwave that serves so that players can soften their boots before wearing them.

“Modern football boots seem to be the slip-on type with much tighter leather that relies on a tight effect to stay in place of the laces. For this reason, when it is cold, they can be quite resistant, quite rigid and difficult to use at least when they are put on for the first time ”, a source from the club told the English newspaper.

In addition, the electrical device would not only be used in the games that Chelsea play at home in their stadium. But it is also transferred by the first team props for away games.

Players put their boots in the microwave for a minute or two and the timer goes off when they are soft enough. In fact, it is an added value for their equipment ”, indicated the person from the institution founded 115 years ago and which has six titles of the highest category of football in England.

Thomas Tuchel is unbeaten in eight games since joining Chelsea (Reuters)
Thomas Tuchel is unbeaten in eight games since joining Chelsea (Reuters)

“It’s not about the millionaires in the Premier League being pampered. It’s about getting the best out of the boots as quickly as possible, making the players feel comfortable so they can perform at their best as quickly as possible, “the source added to the newspaper.

This Sunday at Stamford Bridge Blues will play one of the most relevant matches of the day in the Premier League. You will receive Manchester United, Guardiola’s City escort. Those led by Tuchel march in the fifth position of the table with 43 points and are two units from the West Ham, in the last place of direct classification to the Champions League next year. Chelsea drew 1-1 at Southampton last weekend.


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