The role of Wanda Nara in Mauro Icardi’s career: the millions he made him win and the shorts he caused

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara forged a love and commercial relationship
Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara forged a love and commercial relationship

The scandal that was generated in recent days with the marriage crisis between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi went around the world. Due to the media profile of the player’s wife and representative, added to the conflicts that led to the explosive departure of the Inter Milan player and his arrival at PSG, the couple who signed their union in 2014 remained at the center of the scene.

Beyond what his personal future will be, what remains to be seen is what will happen to the employment situation that has Wanda as an agent and Mauro as his client. It is important to remember that It was in October 2015 when Icardi left the one who had been his agent for 10 years and that he accompanied him at the beginning of his career to give that place to his wife and mother of his two daughters, Francesca and Isabella.

The Spanish agent Abián Morano was the one who made the decision to take the striker from Neighborhood Sports Union, a minor team from Gran Canaria, to The Farmhouse, the famous football school of the Barcelona. From then on, Icardi’s journey through international football is known: he was loaned to the Sampdoria in 2011 and it was there that he made the first impact of his career. He became the top scorer for the spring team -the category below the first division- and was key to promotion to Serie A, where he exploded with goals against the powerful of the Football.

Two years later, Inter paid 13 million euros for the pass of the scorer who later became the top figure of a team undergoing reconstruction. So valuable was his role in the Milanese squad that the club appointed him as captain of the first team and Wanda achieved her first great conquest for her represented in 2016: Icardi renewed his contract until 2020 and became the third highest paid footballer in Italy, just behind the Pipita Higuain -at that time in Juventus- and Daniele De Rossi, the historic Roma midfielder who later indulged in playing for Boca Juniors.

With a rescission clause of 110 million euros, the new link said that Mauro would charge 4,500,000 in the first season (2016-17) and that the amount would increase until reaching the last year of the relationship (2019-2020) up to over five million of the currency of the European Union.

Icardi and Wanda left Italy due to a strong conflict with Inter (REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo)
Icardi and Wanda left Italy due to a strong conflict with Inter (REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo)

To the beat of the work of his partner, who in addition to being his agent also manages the image rights of Icardi through his company since then World Marketing Football Founded in 2015, the exhibition of the soccer player from Rosario grew. Wanda Nara gained greater visibility in Europe and added a new profile to her well-known facet in the media. “I am the only woman who makes her husband earn money”, he confessed in an interview to the magazine People in full swing of her husband at Inter.

“I managed to get Mauro to go from worth 14 million to 250 ″, was another of the titles that went viral and that demonstrated the preponderant role of the model and businesswoman in the sporting life of one of the top scorers of the time in Europe at that time.

Faced with this scenario, Icardi paid for the trust placed in his figure with what he does best. After the renovation, scored 26 goals in 41 appearances. The year that followed his performance improved: there were 29 goals in 36 games, a level that led him to be called up by Jorge Sampaoli in the final stretch of the South American Qualifiers. He did not go to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but he was already on the radar of the Argentine team.

Lionel Messi and Mauro Icardi in a call for the Argentine national team
Lionel Messi and Mauro Icardi in a call for the Argentine national team

With the departure of Casilda’s coach after the elimination against France, the one who took over as interim was Lionel Scaloni, who took advantage of the last months of the year to begin to mold a squad full of new faces. The famous renewal had reached the National Team and it seemed that Icardi had been one of the chosen. Mauro received number 9 and even praise from the new coach: “We have to be happy because two important players like Icardi and Dybala were unlocked. They are going to give the fans a lot of joy, “said the coach.

But like a bomb that seemed to be set to explode after a countdown, the first shock came from Icardi’s own mouth. In his eighth game with the Albiceleste, the then leader of Inter scored his first goal in a friendly that was 2-0 for Argentina against Mexico in Mendoza. What did the scorer say at the end of the game? “When I came to the National Team before, I didn’t feel what I feel today. There was not so much camaraderie or so much friendship. Now we are all young, we started from the bottom and we want to do our best ”. That phrase generated all kinds of comments in the bowels of the national team and conditioned their future in the blue and white.

And a few weeks after those sayings, Icardi and Wanda were protagonists of a conflict with Inter that caused people to talk throughout Europe. To take advantage of her husband’s good present, the businesswoman started negotiations to achieve a new link with the Italian club. But something happened that caused endless statements and events that marked the future of the player.

The relationship seemed to be severely broken when on February 13, 2019, a post on the Twitter account of the Neroazzurro It said: “The club announces that the new captain of the team is Samir Handanovic.” Thus, with a simple line on social media, Inter declared war on the Nara-Icardi couple. Immediately afterwards, coach Luciano Spalletti excluded him from a call-up against Rapid Vienna, in a duel for the Europa League.

In addition to the official situation, the Italian media joined the controversy and highlighted the wardrobe problems that Wanda’s presence on the Italian TV program generated for Icardi Get Fall, in which the businesswoman was a columnist. One of the crossroads that would have led to internal fights were the ways in which Nara spoke to the air of Mauro’s companions.

Ivan Perisic and Mauro Icardi would have had a confrontation in the Inter dressing room (REUTERS / Alberto Lingria)
Ivan Perisic and Mauro Icardi would have had a confrontation in the Inter dressing room (REUTERS / Alberto Lingria)

According to him Corriere della Sera, Croatian Ivan Perisic did not like Wanda’s criticism on the television show about his performance in the team. “It is not the first game that Perisic is said to play poorly. The farewell? If he wants to go, let him go far … You can see that he has problems, “said the Argentine businesswoman. According to the Italian newspaper itself, the player confronted Icardi and had a blunt response: “Tell your wife to stop talking about me on television”.

Thus it was that, less than a week after the conflict between Icardi, his agent and the institution broke out, Argentina reappeared in the program that participated and, through tears, asked Inter to consider the situation for the continuity of the player. “It’s our family, we don’t want to leave, we don’t want to leave the club”. At the same time, Wanda also said that she learned the news that the attacker had lost the captaincy through social networks. ”It was an important decision. For Mauro, it was like having an arm ripped off. Play with pride in the Inter shirt, “he said.

Once the 2018-2019 season ended, Antonio Conte he became Inter’s new manager. The brand new DT informed Icardi that he was not going to be taken into account, a decision that accelerated the negotiations for the player’s departure. With the help of Italians Gabriele Giuffrida and Pino Letterio, two intermediaries on whom Wanda relied to get her husband out of Italian football, the striker landed at the mighty PSG.

What were the conditions of the exit? The attacker was loaned with a purchase option of 70 million euros, almost seven times more than what Inter had paid for his rights.. Although later the purchase by the management of the Parisian team ended up being 50 million plus eight in variables and objectives, the highlight of the transaction was the high contract that Wanda obtained for her husband.

Unlike what he was going to charge in the last year with Inter (5 million euros), Mauro signed until June 2024 for a sum close to 9 million of the European currency, plus variables that make the figure exceed 10 million per season.

Icardi left Italian football and moved to PSG, which paid more than 50 million euros for his pass
Icardi left Italian football and moved to PSG, which paid more than 50 million euros for his pass

Once Icardi put on the No. 18 and then the Paris Saint Germain shirt 9, his agent took the opportunity to talk about the entire novel that had them as protagonists and broke the silence with an Italian medium about what was his departure from Inter and the arrival in France.

“The relationship with Inter deteriorated due to many misunderstandings. But the love of playing for Inter and that of the fans remains. In every relationship there are moments of crisis. In the end, we walked away in a good way, without betrayal. It is not a divorce”, Wanda Nara confessed in dialogue with the newspaper Corriere dello Sport. “I work for him, then it’s his decisions,” he added.

In addition, the model took advantage of the interview to highlight that having taken the captaincy from him was a way of promoting the club’s departure. “Inter had the need to transfer Icardi. If he continued as captain, Mauro would never have left the club. It was a strategy to give it up. They removed the captaincy to sell it, so he told him. Last January he rejected the transfer to another team. ‘I’m the captain and I’m not leaving this team,’ was what Mauro told them. But they had another idea. I’m not going to say what other team it was. If they had been clear to Mauro, it would have been different ”, he explained.

On the other hand, she clarified that her sayings on Italian TV had nothing to do with the conflict that led to her husband’s departure. “Inter was aware of everything I declared. They don’t have to give me any permission because I don’t have a contract with them. I always tell the truth, whoever tells lies is because they have no courage. Icardi was the captain of Inter, he would never have gone to Juventus and he never got on badly with Croatians Ivan Perisic and Marcelo Brozovic ”.

The couple is experiencing a crisis after an alleged infidelity by Icardi was leaked
The couple is experiencing a crisis after an alleged infidelity by Icardi was leaked

That story that did not have the best ending seems distant in time. With the arrival of Icardi in Paris, the couple also experienced a major life change in their day-to-day family life. Despite leaving Milan, Wanda continued to participate in TV in Italy: was one of the protagonists of the The Big Brother VIP, the Italian Big Brother. There he had the function of commenting on what the characters lived within the reality show. At the same time, she dedicated herself to boosting her cosmetics brand Wanda Cosmetics, which for now is only distributed in Argentina.

The player adapted without problems to French football. In the first campaign, the footballer of just over 1.80 meters scored 20 goals. In the second, there were 13 goals. Now, so far in the 2021-2022 season, Mauro has three conquests in 11 presentations. Of course, was relegated by the arrival of Lionel Messi in a team that is still in search by its DT Mauricio Pochettino for his best version with Neymar, Kylian Mbappé and the rest of the galacticos.

Now, after living dizzying days in which his public figure was exposed like never before before the millions of followers that each one has, only fate will determine the future of this famous couple that in recent times had a marked commercial growth with the surname Nara-Icardi.


In France they warn about the moral health of Mauro Icardi after the scandal with Wanda Nara


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