The Royals Season 5: Is It Renewed For Another Season?


The Royals Season 5 is one of the most anticipated seasons of the American soap opera series created and written by Mark Schwahn for the E! Channel. The series is based on Michelle Ray’s 2011 novel Falling For Hamlet, and the main characters are royal British family members played by William Moseley, Alexandra Park, Elizabeth Hurley, and Tom Austen.

Annabelle Frost, Sam Breckman, and Nick O’Hagen at Varsity Pictures, Mastermind Laboratories, Lionsgate Television, and Universal Cable Productions in London, England, made the show for four seasons.

Season 5 of The Royals ended after more than a year, and it probably won’t come back, but the show still has some appeal. The Royal Family is a soap opera that was first broadcasted on the E! Network on March 15, 2015. The show is mostly about Helena, who is the modern queen of Great Britain.

Will The Royals have a fifth season?

The Royals will not have a season 5 because E! officially canceled the show in August 2018, five months after the fourth season came out. Lionsgate Television tried to sell the series to the other networks and had talks with Paramount’s Pop, but none of the networks were interested in picking up the series. After hearing this, the last bit of hope also went out. Season 5 of The Royals will not happen.

Why was the show canceled?

Since season 4 ended not too long ago, fans have been waiting eagerly for season 5, but the show’s creators have other plans for it. The studio just canceled season 5 and said that season 4 was the natural end of the story, even though fans want to see how things turn out before the show ends. So, the show hasn’t been canceled, but it has, of course, run its course.

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The Royals Season 5 Cast

Season 5 of The Royals don’t have a cast yet, because the show is ending after season 4. But fans are still looking forward to the fifth season and want to know who will be in it. The cast will stay the same because that’s how the show has always been done. Let’s quickly take a look at who is in The Royals.

  • Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena Henstridge
  • Vincent Regan as King Simon Henstridge
  • William Moseley as Prince Liam Henstridge
  • Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor Henstridge
  • Jake Maskall as Prince Cyrus Henstridge
  • Tom Austen as Sir Jasper Frost
  • Oliver Milburn as Ted Pryce
  • Merritt Patterson as Ophelia Pryce
  • Genevieve Gaunt as Wilhelmina “Willow” Moreno
  • Max Brown as King Robert Henstridge

The Royals Storyline

The Royals is a British Royal Drama set in the present day. Helena, who is the Queen, is in charge of the entire British Royal family. She is going to maintain her cool and keep all kinds of issues away from her family. Prince Robert is the oldest of his brothers and sisters, and he is the one who should take over the throne. Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor are Robert’s siblings. They don’t have to worry about anything in their lives because everything is taken care of. They don’t worry about what will happen to the country or the throne in the future because they know that Robert will take care of things.

When Robert is killed out of the blue, everyone in the family is shocked. Now, King Simon is worried about what will happen. Liam needs to get his act together and start taking care of things. Eleanor needs to clean up her act. What will happen after this? How will Helena make things better?

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The Royals Recap

As a true fan of this show, I will keep in mind season 4, which ended up being the last one. Robert became King of England at the end of Season 4. Jasper and Eleanor got engaged, Violet got together with Cyrus out of the blue, and Kathryn got pregnant with Liam.

Helena was originally the queen of a made-up modern British royal family. She was in the public eye and had to deal with typical and silly family issues. The twins were part of her family in Season 5 of Royals. Queen Helena makes a deal with Simon’s brother Cyrus so that her daughter and family will be safe.

What will happen in the fifth season of The Royals?

Since the creators let the story develop naturally as it got nearer to its conclusion, season 4 has been called the last one. Since there won’t be a fifth season of the show, it makes no sense to try to guess what will happen next. Still, even if the show’s creators decide to make Season 5 and show it to the public, we can expect the story of the royal family to live on.

The Royals age rating

The Royals has a TV-14 rating, which means it has some content that several parents would not want their kids under 14 to see. Parents are strongly encouraged to keep a closer eye on this show and told not to let kids under 14 watch alone. This show may have intensely suggestive dialogue, strong coarse language, intensely sexual situations, or intensely violent scenes.

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The Royals Season 5 trailer

Since it was announced that season 4 was the end of the story, there won’t be a season 5 of this show, so waiting for a trailer for it isn’t the best idea. If the creators opt for season 5 after the official finale of the series, we might see a trailer for it a few days before the new season comes out. Until then, you can watch the trailer for season 4.

Where can I watch Season 5 of The Royals?

Season 5 of The Royals has been officially canceled, so the online streaming platform can’t be decided on or predicted. But you can only watch all 40 episodes of The Royals online on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+.

Is the show worth watching?

The Royals is a well-thought-out and well-made soap opera drama that you can find today. If you want to stream a soap opera or a dramatic show with a lot of politics, this is the show for you. The Royals is one of the best things Mark Schwahm has ever made, so don’t miss it.