The secrets behind the radical change of The Mountain of Game of Thrones: why he chose boxing, the worst thing about being a giant and how many kilos he lost


This is how Hafthor Bjornsson trains to be a boxer

This saturday Hafthor Bjornsson he put on his gloves and for three rounds he fought with the professional boxer Steven Ward, who lent himself to be the Icelandic’s first rival of more than two meters who had his debut in the ring. The result of the event held on Saturday night in Dubai It was a tie that left both satisfied and the giant who claims to be the son of Thor, the Norse god, wanting to continue in this adventure.

It is worth remembering that Bjornsson, popular for having played the character of The Mountain on Game Of Thrones, won the World’s Strongest Man contest in 2018 and also has three consecrations as the strongest man in Europe (2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018). Also, in May 2020 lifted 1,104 pounds (500.77 kilograms) in deadlift and kept the historical mark, according to an official referee who traveled to his gym to check it. After that achievement, he decided to leave this type of competition behind and surprised by making the leap to boxing.

Your great opponent will be Eddie Hall, who in 2017 won the World’s Strongest Man, and held the deadweight record until last year. While the Icelander’s goal is to beat him, there are other reasons why he decided to change his lifestyle and body.

“Weighing more than 200 kilos is not healthy, I have children and I need to think about my time with them, my health, my future. That’s why I want to be healthy I want to be on earth as long as possible to be with my family”, He said in a video that he published on his YouTube channel months ago in which he constantly asked questions from his fans.

Pelea entre Hafthor Bjornsson vs Steven Ward

Since mid-2020, Bjornsson has started a radical change in his life, since lifting weights, logs and dragging vehicles are already tests that are part of his past: “I was ready to go (from that type of activity), ready to say goodbye, He didn’t have to prove anything else to anyone, nor did he have anything else to do. I can go to the gym now and lift half the weight I was lifting and I feel good. Now I have other goals, I train for other goals. I’m very happy where I am ”.

The man born in Reykjavik 32 years ago has changed his way of training and his diet, so he has lost weight dramatically: “I don’t have a plan of how much to weigh, now I’m weighing 160 kilos and i feel good at this weight so i’ll probably stick with it. But I am not very concerned about my weight but about arriving in good shape ”. It is important to clarify that he exceeded 200 kilos in his time as the star of the World’s Strongest Man, so he has lost more than 40 kilos.

As revealed in 2018 to the site from New Zealand, I was eating 10,000 calories a day at that time. This diet consisted of six meals a day whose main ingredients used to be meat, rice, carrots, bell peppers, avocado or chicken. There, he recognized that this regimen was more difficult to follow than the gym workouts themselves.

Before and after Hafthor Bjornsson
Before and after Hafthor Bjornsson

Despite this notorious decrease that is seen in every photo he shares on social networks, his height has not changed and the more than 2 meters he measures continue to generate some inconveniences in his daily life: “The hardest thing about my size is the fact that I don’t fit in certain places. For example, in public transport, on airplanes, everything is very small, I need to travel in business class otherwise I don’t get into the seats and that is more expensive. On buses I need to occupy two seats …. ”.

When referring to the differences in preparation required to get into a ring or lift half a ton on stage, Bjornsson He acknowledged that it is not easy, but he is prepared: “I knew I was going to need a lot of work. It is a new challenge because it is going from my sport to a completely new one and that is challenging ”. In addition, he clarified that Eddie Hall is also going through the same process, that’s why they scheduled the fight for September 2021, more than a year after announcing it: “We are two big guys who are changing our bodies. We went from being two very strong guys to being more athletic. I don’t think strength is everything in boxing, there is technique, speed, leg work and you must have a certain endurance capacity to withstand all those rounds. I think that if you are in good shape, if you have that resistance, you can beat someone who is better than you ”.

Regarding the style of training, he admitted that they are different since here he needs much more mobility and agility, but he announced that his body is prepared for this due to his past as a basketball player: “I had a short career in basketball and from there I brought the foot work, here I have to move a lot and my legs seem to be already trained for that, at least that is what I have been hearing from the people I am working with ”.

The Icelandic’s next test in the ring will be in Las Vegas against Eddie Hall. As neither of the two fighters is a professional boxer, the duel to be held in September will not have a title at stake, although the winner will retain the prestige of being the strongest man in the world inside and outside the ring.


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