The separation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi generated a wave of memes in favor of the Messi-Antonela couple


The scandalous separation between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara, Due to an alleged infidelity of the footballer with China Suárez, he added a new chapter: that of social networks. Dozens of users turned to Twitter and they offered their point of view on the stormy moment that the PSG player lives with his wife and representative.

As it usually happens, the fans They took this relationship problem to the football part and in a humorous way, expressed their concern over a hypothetical interference by China Suárez, who was pointed out as the main responsible for the breakdown of the Icardi-Nara marriage, in the relationship between Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo. With the classics memes, fans joked about it and even They involved the figure of Rodrigo De Paul, currently the best partner in the Argentine team.

All this conflict could have unexpected consequences for which some clubs are positioned to intern take advantage of the situation. It was so Takes sparks, who is a member of the Metropolitan B, the third category of Argentine football, published a message on his social networks aimed at Wanda Nara, Enthusiastic to believe that perhaps the businesswoman seeks to destroy her husband’s career, the promotion team is excited about hiring him.

“Wanda, we await the response of the formal offer for Mauro”, wrote on social networks the team that ranks third in the Clausura Tournament and is in qualifying positions reduced by the rise in the general table. The tweet went viral immediately because thousands of users, amused by the spontaneity of the Villa Soldati painting that usually makes these posts. When Messi announced his departure from Barcelona, ​​for example, he had also made a similar post.

In strictly football terms, Mauro Icardi was absent for the second day in a row and his presence is at risk for the Champions League against Leipzig for the third day of Group A. “His two absences have been justified by the club” and “it is unlikely that he will appear in the Paris group on Tuesday,” the newspaper reported. The team, while The Parisian it was by the same route by detailing that Icardi continues “disappeared”.

For his part, Mauricio Pochettino referred to the issue in a press conference in the Park of the Princes. “Mauro, due to personal problems he was unable to train today. He is on the list for tomorrow, we will see tonight when he arrives … we will analyze the situation and see if he can be within the group or not, “he explained.

In the event that your non-call is made, it will be added to that of Leandro Paredes who returned from his participation in the Argentine team for the South American Qualifiers with a discomfort in the right thigh.

The best memes in favor of the Lionel Messi-Antonela Roccuzzo couple after the separation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi:


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