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The shocking new look? by Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The image that the Swede published.  Note the stain behind the neck (@iamzlatanibrahimovic).
The image that the Swede published. Note the stain behind the neck (@iamzlatanibrahimovic).

Again Zlatan Ibrahimovic did his thing on his Instagram account. The Swede is a figure of the Milan that leads Serie A, beyond their recent 3-0 defeat to Atalanta yesterday. And again generated a coup that bounced off his more than 46 million followers on the social network. This is his last story where he appears with a very particular new look, without his hair but shaved to zero, but it would be a funny move of his. The image is from today’s training with the rossonero team.

Throughout history, fans were always aware of how their idols are displayed. With social networks, immediate contact was allowed and they generate an interaction with their followers. Seeing Zlatan totally shaved drew attention, but then that image began to lack veracity, or at least it was questioned.

“All in” (with everything) are the words that the Scandinavian put. Users echoed and some questioned whether he really shaved. There were those who focused on that it was a joke and the proof that he would have used Photoshop is a gray spot that appears behind the neck. This would ruin the possibility of seeing him for the first time with his head shaved.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a claim to the referee in yesterday's match (REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo).
Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a claim to the referee in yesterday’s match (REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo).

From being a joke, the Swede shows that he is still in a good mood despite the hard fall at home against Atalanta. It was this Saturday 3-0 at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, which nevertheless leads the Serie A table with 43 points, two more than its classic rival, Inter, who drew 0-0 on their visit to Udinese.

However, Zlatan’s good humor is a habit of hers, as he posts particular photos or videos as in period in the last injury. There one night he went out in his underwear under the snow and I went for a run in the snow.

He is a character that transcends sports and that is why he was summoned to participate in the next San Remo festival in February. It is a classic event of the song in Italy in which other Calcio cracks such as Roberto Baggio and Francesco Totti.

Whether or not Ibra’s shaved hair is true, he will not have lost all his strength like Samson. He is a gladiator who goes beyond his looks. At 39 he is very current and is looking for another championship, in this case with Milan. Meanwhile, he has fun with his followers.

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