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The shocking video of a fan who entered in the middle of a horse race and was miraculously saved

He got into the middle of a racetrack and was miraculously saved

A horse race almost turned into a catastrophe in New Zealand. During the Wellington Cup, held this Saturday in the country of Oceania, a strange situation occurred that is going around the world via social networks because there is no explanation for it.

When there were 150 meters left until one of the events of the day at the racecourse of Auckland, a fan took to the track, positioned himself in front of the fast approaching competitors and stood still for a few seconds. Fortunately for the spectator, the jockeys had great reflexes and managed to change the course of the horses so that the invader was unharmed.

The striking thing is that when not being hit by any runner, the intruder raised his arms celebrating and in the form of grace for the people in the public who had been shocked by such an act of irresponsibility. The character who almost put the lives of many people and animals at risk ended up being arrested by the police. In addition, he was fined for endangering public safety.

The golfer who got into a horse race and almost caused a tragedy

From the organization of the event they were concerned about what would have happened if the intruder was hit by one of the racehorses that, in the final stretch, usually reach 60 kilometers per hour and weigh about 500 kilos. An impact could have been fatal. “We were lucky not to step on it. Most did not see it until the last stretch “stated jockey Danielle Johnson. In addition, he opened a debate on whether the race tracks should have more security on their sides to avoid this type of act.

This is not the first time something like this has happened in New Zealand. In October 2020, a golf ball fell onto the race track and a person entered it with a club to hit it. Then the jockeys who made it to the home stretch were in for a surprise; although they managed to dodge the golfer.

After the striking situation, the intruder revealed that his shot hit a metal beam that deflected the trajectory of the ball until it landed in the unusual place. In addition, he explained that he never saw the horses coming and that he was able to react 50 meters away. “There is an absolute idiot playing golf in the center of the course. Can you believe it? “the broadcast commentator stated upon seeing what was happening.


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