The Sound of Magic season 2: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, And Everything We Know Far


The Sound of Magic is a musical Korean drama that aired on May 6, 2022. It was directed by Kim Seong Yoon and based on the webtoon Annarasumanara. As the title suggests, it’s about a magician named Ryu Min Hyuk. He’s an oddball with a great mind and a lot of charm. When he saves Yoon Ah-Yi from being sexually abused, he invites her to his home.

In this story, Yoon Ah-Yi, who is a student, has to take care of her younger sister, who is also a student. Our shy main character gets a job after school, even though their mother has left them and their father is trying to avoid debt collectors. When Ryu Min Hyuk makes the boss go away and save her life, the boss tries to take advantage. This is the beginning of the magician and Ah- Yi’s beautiful friendship. The six episodes of the drama gave us a wonderful moment with great music and moving acting. These few episodes were enough to make people want to see more.

The Sound of Magic Season 2 Renewal Status

As of right now, there has been no news about the renewal of The Sound of Magic or anything else related to it. Based on how quickly the show has become popular, Netflix might give it a second season.

The Sound Of Magic Season 1 Recap

The Sound of Magic is a story about magic and fantasy. It’s about a magician who isn’t famous and doesn’t get along with people because he says he’s a real magician. He needs to meet a poor girl who is tired of all the trouble in her life. She liked magic, but problems in her life made her lose interest in it. She just wants to get older so she can get away from all the trouble and poverty.

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When she gets to meet Ri Eul, the magician we talked about above, she starts to understand magic again. Her deskmate Na ll-Deung starts listening in on the magic lesson between Ri Eul, the magician, and the girl. He finds that he likes music and likes that girl, too. The three of them are going on an adventure full of magic, danger, and music. This coming-of-age series shows the life of a young girl who, because of Ri Eul’s influence, decides to follow magic instead of her dreams.

What can we expect from The Sound Of Magic Season 2?

Some of the queries that keep coming up in people’s minds could be answered in Season 2. Ryu Min Hyuk comes to mind. What was wrong with him? And although Yoon Ah Yi helped him get away, we can’t stop pondering what occurred to him after that. Some of our questions about Na Il Deung can also be answered in the new season. He is a smart student, but he drops out of school to get away from what his parents expect of him. What did he do after that? Also, the likely chances of him and Ah Yi getting together could be talked about. Also, another few songs from another magical and charming season can refresh our spirits.

Throughout the whole series, Ah Yi’s mother is a very important character. Maybe she will show up in the second season, and we’ll get a better look at how they interact. When we talk about Ah Yi, we can’t wait to find out what she’s capable of with her new skills. If Season 2 isn’t made, all of these questions might kill us.

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The Sound of Magic season 2 Cast

We think Ji Chang-wook will be back as the mysterious magician Ryu Min-hyuk because it would be hard to have a second season without him. Yoon Ah-yi, played by Sung-eun Choi, and Na Il-deung, played by Hwang In-youp, could also join the cast of a second season to finish what they started.

Baek Ha-na (Ji Hye-won), the mean girl in high school, isn’t likely to come back now that they’ve all graduated and moved on. So, Yoon Ah-little yi’s sister, who is played by Lisa Yamada, is the most likely person to come back for season two. Because she is close to her sister, she is always a part of Ah-life. yi’s

How many episodes will there be in The Sound of Magic season 2?

The first season of The Sound of Magic just ended recently. There are 6 episodes in this series as a whole. If “The Sound of Magic” came back, the new season might have six episodes.

The Sound of Magic season 2 Release Date

The Sound of Magic came out on Netflix on May 6, 2022. It was a very popular show and got about 9,640,000 hours in its first week, which was also in May. The Sound of Magic is also on Netflix’s top 10 list in about 42 countries, including UAE, Sri Lanka, Egypt, etc., where it came in the first place. We all know that Netflix takes a while to put out new seasons because they have to take proper care of the investments they are making. Based on how well The Sound of Magic did, it is safe to say that a second season might come.

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But fans are also curious about what will happen in season 2 of The Sound of Magic. The whole story was told in just six episodes, and the show is based on Ha II-webtoon Kwon’s Annarasumanara, which has only about seven episodes. So, if there is a second season of The Sound of Magic, it will be intriguing to see where the story goes. However, based on the story, it is not likely that there will be a second season. But there is additionally no official news about The Sound of Magic’s second season, so only future events will determine what will happen to it.

The Sound of Magic season 2 Trailer

As was already said, Season 2 of The Sound of Magic has not even been thought about yet, let alone confirmed. So, we can’t show you a trailer or tell you anything else about it. But then you can always watch the Season 1 trailer.

Where Can I WatchThe Sound of Magic?

The Sound of Magic is a Netflix original series, so you can watch it on Netflix.