The story that made it possible to see the incredible removed trailer of ‘Spider-Man’ with the Twin Towers


These days, while browsing the Internet with ‘Spider-Man’ after watching ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, I remembered that in 2002, when I was 10 years old and a whole fan of comics, there was a teaser trailer of the arachnid in the one that appeared the Twin Towers. With the tragedy of the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, all content where they appeared was removed, and at its premiere in 2002 they did not see each other. The teaser could be seen circulating on the Internet, but the order was not to show promotional images of ‘Spider-Man’ with the dilapidated buildings.

The Twin Towers were going to be very important in the movie, so this trailer / advance was discarded, and the videos that were on the Internet allowed to see it but in very poor quality, because Sony did not distribute it officially. Thus, since it was shown in theaters in a promotional way in 2001, it had never been officially seen in its 35 millimeters, or in Full HD or 4K. Until youtuber YoshiKiller2S came to our rescue by uploading a restored 4K copy. This is his story.

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Spiderman Red

YoshiKiller2S told SyFy Wire that bought a 35mm film copy of the teaser on eBay, which I was looking for after reading on the OriginalTrilogy website that in 2013 someone wanted one to preserve it. When he finally got hold of it, he began the scanning process at a specialty store in Toronto to be able to work with digital video files. AI has shown its ability to improve the quality of old videos, but nothing like scanning the film to extract all the original detail.

Once he had it, YoshiKiller2S contacted Nutelu, a friend who remasters and restores old content, and sent you the videos for color correction with Sony Vegas Pro. They were looking to remove a green tint that had appeared as a result of the scanning process.

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Another OriginalTrilogy user, UK.08, sent you a better audio track than the one on the roll of film, and simply had to be synchronized. RU.08 had it from a DVD copy of the trailer, so it was already digitized.

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The result, as can be seen in the inserted YouTube video, is spectacular, keeping the analog look and detail. It looks better than many trailers that even today are uploaded in 1080p, and as YoshiKiller2S himself said, it is all a shame that what was seen in the teaser did not reach the theatrical version of the film (or some special edition in DVD or Blu-Ray). Not only is it a perfect introduction to Spider-Man’s New York, but it uses an iconic element like the towers to add a ton of tension to an action scene.


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