The strange ping pong to a former Real Madrid: the crash against a police cell, the luxurious car he bought with the first salary and his record of fines


Ping pong to former Real Madrid, Dreyson Drenthe

It seemed to be the next promise from the left lane of the Real Madrid. Your level in Eurocopa Sub-21 held in 2007 where he was chosen as the best player in the competition led to the White House to lay their eyes on him. In exchange for 14 million euros, Dreyson Drenthe arrived at the capital of Spain to continue his career with a spectacular team.

With all the expectations on him, the Dutchman had a debut more than dreamed of: a great goal in the final of the Spain Supercup at Santiago Bernabeu. But as time progressed, his performance with the merengue shirt was not as expected. Three seasons later, he was loaned to Hercules to later be free and emigrate to the Everton from Premier League.

Likewise, the Dutchman always fondly remembers his time at the Madrid and, in a fun ping pong that they did in the Spanish program The beach bar, recalled interesting details of that cycle. In the initial question he revealed that with his first salary in the White House bought a Porsche Magnum and chose Robinho beside Gonzalo Higuain as his best friends during his stay at that campus.

He then recognized Guti as the soccer player who surprised him the most from that star-studded squad and who Julien Faubert was who it disappointed him. Outside of Real Madrid, he admitted that he would love to have been led by Fabio Capello and that his childhood idol was Edgar Davids, Dutch figure passing through big clubs like Inter, Juventus, Milan, Barcelona, Ajax, Tottenham Y Crystal Palace.

Later, he confessed that throughout his career as a soccer player he received more than 250 traffic violations. “I’m not like that anymore. Now they give me a fine of 30 euros and I’m already nervous. Before I did not care. When I went from Holland to Spain, the police always stopped me when I wanted to enter the country and I had to pay four or five fines together or they would take me with them for a few hours to jail “Drenthe explained in a fun question and answer game.

Drenthe's stay at Real Madrid lasted three seasons
Drenthe’s stay at Real Madrid lasted three seasons

Ping pong got more serious when he was asked if he had ever been in a car accident. “Yes. It was horrible. I came from Robinho’s house and had to pick up my ex-girlfriend and my sister at the hotel. I put the GPS on and I was going down Calle Alcalá, an ambulance came, I tried to move away and I collided with a police car “, related the Dutch. And I add: “The car was totally destroyed and I think the policeman was injured because I knocked on the driver’s door”. The reference is to a remembered event in August 2007, when the M-30 collided with a police mobile during the early morning hours and caused minor injuries to one of the agents.

He also recounted his holidays as a footballer Merengue, in an anecdote that the Daily madridista: “If we lost a game I would stay at home one day, in the room or watching TV. When we won I was happy. Sometimes he went to party, it was true. Robinho’s disco was very pretty”.

Currently, Dreyson signed with the Racing from Murcia and that was the reason for his return to Spain at the age of 33. Although he was only able to play five minutes after his arrival, he is happy to have a new opportunity in the country that made him share a team with the best soccer stars in the world. It should be noted that since those days as a soccer player of the Merengue Until today, Drenthe went through the leagues of Russia, England, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Holland.


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