The Strays Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


The Strays Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Netflix has been attempting to get everyone ready for Valentine’s Day and in the mood for love, but they also know how to keep all of their viewers happy, because not everybody wants to watch romance movies as well as romantic comedies in February.

Some people need to have a classic horror or thriller, and it looks like Netflix is giving us both with the forthcoming horror-thriller The Strays.

We don’t know much about it yet, but we’re going to try to tell you as much as we can, so ensure that you stay until the end.

Nathaniel Martello-White, who’s really British and has worked as an actor, writer, and director, will be in charge of The Strays.

Martello-White has made shorts like Cla’am, Talking Traffic, as well as Slap. Even if you don’t know him by name, you might know his work.

He has also been in a number of TV shows, such as Small Axe, I Hate Suzie, One Dollar, as well as Collateral.

So, it’s probable that the strays are being cared for well. Continue reading this piece to find more information regarding The Strays, including its plot, its cast, when it will come out, and a lot more.

The Strays is a British horror thriller movie from the year 2023. Nathaniel Martello-White made the movie and is in charge of it.

Nathaniel Martello-White is making his first movie as a director. In this movie, Ashley Madekwe plays Neve, an upper-class woman of mixed race who lives a happy existence alongside her family.

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Neve is a party girl in her town and the deputy headteacher of a boarding college. She has a good life.

But her troubled history comes back and puts everything she’s worked for in danger. Ashley Madekwe, who plays Cheryl on County Lines, is at the centre of the story.

She lived in a mostly white, upper-middle-class country neighbourhood with helen husband Ian (Justin Salinger) as well as her young adolescent children Sebastian and Mary.

Neve is the second-in-charge at a nice private school. Neve focuses on code-switching and just doing whatever she can to fit in, like practising her high class British accent every day and getting prepared for her first gala as a way to “graduate” into the community.

She takes the racist comments from her peers to heart and is still committed to keeping “anything Black off limits,” as helen son Sebastian says.

The Strays Release Date

Strays will come out in theatres on June 9, 2023, which is in the middle of summer and a good time to see a movie.

The Strays Cast

  • Ashley Madekwe as Neve / Cheryl
  • Bukky Bakray as Abigail
  • Jorden Marie as Marvin
  • Samuel Small as Sebastian
  • Maria Almeida as Mary
  • Justin Salinger as Ian
  • Lucy Liemann as Amanda
  • Tom Andrews as Barry
  • Rob Jarvis as Robert
  • Michael Warburton as Kenneth
  • Alastair Ellery as Keith
  • Vanessa Bailey as Elle
  • Joanna Brookes as Betty

The Strays Trailer

The Strays Plot

Cheryl, a black woman, lives in England, but she doesn’t say where. She talks to someone on the phone about her worries about discrimination and money problems.

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In the next scenes, she turns down calls from her husband and writes on the fridge that she’s going to a hair salon.

A few years later, we meet Neve, a black woman with light skin who is able to marry to Ian, a white man, and has two mixed-race children, Sebastian as well as Mary.

She doesn’t like anything that has to do with “blackness.” Neve is a deputy headmistress at the school where her kids go, and she plans to hold a crowdfunding gala at her house.

She often sees black people, which makes her feel bad. Neve meets two black people at the crowdfunding gala that she thinks are strangers, but they call her their mother.

The story is about “Carl and Dione,” two black people Neve has been seeing, and the flashbacks go back five days.

The two have been assigned an unknown quest that requires them to stay at a hotel. Carl changes his name to “Marvin” and gets a job as just a school cleaner, and Dione changes her name to “Abigail” and works as Ian’s office assistant.

They become friends with Neve’s kids. Dione invites Mary to her hotel room to drink and party, and Carl asks Sebastian to go smoking with him after his game of basketball. After that, Carl gets Sebastian to strike his school bully in a brutal way.

In the present, it turns out that Neve is really Cheryl and that Carl as well as Dione are her children.

She needs to meet them at the a diner as well as gives each of them 10,000 pounds to assist them get back to normal when they go back to London.

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Carl and Dione, on the other hand, break in to the Neve’s house. Carl takes everyone’s phones and throws them in the sink. Then he turns just on water and the living room starts to flood.

Carl and Dione say it’s Dione’s birthday and that they should all get together to celebrate. This makes the family order UberEats.

Carl talks to Neve about how she tried to pay people off, which no one else in her family knew about. Ian threatens to get a divorce because of this, but Dione steps in and suggests they play a board game.

Neve, who looks upset, throws up. Then, she seems to change into a new, happy person, and the group starts playing Scrabble.

Carl gets mad and gives up the game, then tells Ian to come with him to this same family’s gym.

There, Carl makes Ian lift increasing amounts of weights until he didn’t maintain them anymore and they drop on him, causing it to appear like Ian had also died.

Whenever the Uber Eats driver arrives, Enver announces to everyone she will tip this same driver and be right back. She does not come back.