The success of Evil Dead: The Game is also terrifying, with huge sales figures in just five days


The latest report from Embracer notes that Saber Interactive’s game has surpassed half a million copies.

The latest financial report Embracer Group Not only has it left us with news related to the new studios acquired from Square Enix or future Gearbox projects, but there are also sales figures referring to the video games of the studios that are part of the Swedish conglomerate.

The most recent big release is none other than Evil Dead: The Game, a survival horror from Saber Interactive that arrived on PC and consoles last week with a multiplayer experience that seems to have conquered users in the early days, since it has sold over 500,000 copies in just five daysby Matthew Karch.

It has sold 500,000 copies in just five daysThe executive director of Saber assures that the data is superior to that of the previous license of the study, World War Z, and thinks that the situation could still get better. Likewise, he has defined the title as the first in a new saga, so future sequels expectedas well as content that will be added periodically to Evil Dead.

The game is a asymmetric survival horror based on the cult horror thriller film of the same name, known as Infernal Possession in Spain. The multiplayer experience allows you to build a team of four survivors with the mission of going through, exploiting and looting different scenarios, manufacturing numerous objects and staying alive in the face of threats.

Evil Dead: The Game

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The Embracer Group results presentation has also left us with some extra details about other company related games. For example, operating profits are up 17%, with titles like Gearbox’s Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands performing better than expected and being well received by critics.

Others, such as Saints Row, the reboot of the saga by Deep Silver, are approaching its launch and Embracer herself anticipate sales success. ELEX 2, for its part, says it did not live up to financial expectations in the past quarter, but they expect it to return on investment over time.

Waiting to know how the figures of all these titles evolve in the future, if you want to know what we thought of the latest Saber game, you can consult the analysis of Evil Dead: The Game that we published a few days ago in 3DJuegos. We conclude that it is a addictive and bloody title which, despite suffering from a lack of modes, makes the games feel very different and makes continuous references to fans of Sam Raimi’s work.

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