The sudden turn that Emma Raducanu’s career took after making history at the US Open: what she will do with the millionaire prize

Emma Raducanu hit the women's circuit at the US Open (Photo: Reuters)
Emma Raducanu hit the women’s circuit at the US Open (Photo: Reuters)

Emma Raducanu became the great celebrity of the women’s tennis circuit after making history at the last US Open. The tennis player from 18 years, which occupied the 150th place in the ranking from the WTA, she became the first player in history to win a Grand Slam tournament starting from qualifying. In ten presentations he did not yield a single set, jumped 127 positions to be 23rd in the world and bagged more than two million dollars.

The life of the young daughter of a Romanian father and Chinese mother – who was born in Canada, but represents Great Britain – changed in the blink of an eye. He went from fighting on the outskirts of the circuit, to being a celebrity on the rise. The cameras were positioned over his head and one of the thousands of questions surrounding this drastic turnaround he is experiencing is related to the money he made.

In dialogue with the program BBC Breakfast, Emma was consulted about the handling of the almost two and a half million dollars he got product of his shocking victory in North American lands against Leylah Fernandez and left a message of simplicity: “I will leave that up to my parents and my team. I’m just focusing on what I love to do, which is compete. They can take care of that. “

The athlete who wrote one of the golden pages in the history of women’s tennis accumulates a total of 2 million 803 thousand dollars in prizes throughout its incipient career, of which 2 million 768 thousand obtained in this 2021, as reflected by the official site of the WTA.

“I know that tennis is an extremely expensive sport, so the money will go towards that. I don’t really think on the money side. I know there are a lot of taxes and expenses. I have not logged in to my bank, I have only been at home and at the moment “, He recognized in the television program in which it was his first note after his return to his country.

He also recalled a funny anecdote with his headphones that marks the financial breakdown that this epic presentation at Flushing Meadows meant. There’s a joke on my team because in my first round qualifying match I lost my AirPods, and I was basically running around the training room for about three minutes before my call to keep trying to find it. But I lost it and I was thinking to myself, ‘You know if you win this match, you can buy yourself a pair of AirPods.’, I had commented to ESPN minutes after lifting the trophy in North America.

Emma Raducanu, weeks before her US Open victory, as a guest at an automobile event
Emma Raducanu, weeks before her US Open victory, as a guest at an automobile event

When the driver asked her if she had already gone to the mall to replace them, they smiled and confessed: “No, I haven’t gone shopping yet. I’m sure I lost them and I hope to replace them at some point “.

Perhaps the image to understand Emma’s responses can be found in the calm that her surroundings maintained in the face of this sudden leap to the top of the world: “My parents (Ian and Dong Mei Zhai –known as Renee–) are giving me a lot of love, but they just gave me a hug when I came back, nothing crazy. For the celebration my mother made some really good homemade meatballs, but there was nothing crazy or exaggerated. They remain discreet. “

Raducanu became a celebrity and was even invited to the renowned MET Gala (Photo: Reuters)
Raducanu became a celebrity and was even invited to the renowned MET Gala (Photo: Reuters)


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