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The suggestive defense of another of those targeted to filter Lionel Messi’s contract

Jordi Mestre spoke of the controversies around Messi's contract (Grosby)
Jordi Mestre spoke of the controversies around Messi’s contract (Grosby)

The former vice president of FC Barcelona, Jordi Mestre, next to the president Josep Maria Bartomeu and the CEO Óscar Grau, was one of those who stamped his signature on the multimillion dollar contract that Lionel Messi signed in 2017 and which came to light in 2021 after the newspaper The world, based in Madrid, will publish the financial details on its cover.

Confidential information to which the newspaper had access and for which the Barça entity announced that it will take legal measures. Likewise, it was known that the Argentine star will also put the case in the hands of his lawyers to bring the issue to justice, as well as to investigate who were the ones who leaked this information.

The three aforementioned leaders would be in the spotlight and that is why Bartomeu recently came out to speak, denying any kind of connection. Now, it was the turn of Jordi Mestre, who he defended himself with a suggestive reply.

Messi signed the renewal of his contract in 2017 (Europa Press)
Messi signed the renewal of his contract in 2017 (Europa Press)

“Whenever something happens at Real Madrid, there is some controversial news against Barça. It has already happened with Neymar, with Rosell, with Messi … and I believe less and less in coincidences “, considered the former leader before the microphones of Game time, from the Spanish chain Cope, alluding to the fact that this scandal helps to cover the bad moment that the merengue group is going through.

“These are highly confidential information by contract, but it never ceases to surprise me that, after three years, it comes out now, when it was a subject that would have to be more than overcome “, explained Mestre and added:” Whoever has filtered it, will have some interest; of course, from the club there are none ”.

At the same time, the former vice president of the institution assured that, “When I was at the club, no information came out. What’s more, we didn’t even have the contracts in our possession. They are signed and deposited in La Liga ”.

Jordi Mestre was the vice president of the club in the recent presidency of Josep Maria Bartomeu
Jordi Mestre was the vice president of the club in the recent presidency of Josep Maria Bartomeu

Finally, in addition to detaching himself from any type of responsibility, he defended the figures that were evidenced in the Argentine contract: “I can understand that this amount, at an absolute and normal level, may seem exaggerated, but you have to understand that Messi is the best soccer player in history, as Michael Jordan collected his money in his time ”.

“On the other hand, Messi makes Barcelona earn a lot of money, whether with tickets, products, tours. Within the first team, Messi was the first billing axis. And many of those who have come is because they wanted to play with Leo Messi, “he argued.

“Messi does not ruin Barça, we entered 1,000 million and his salary could be allowed, Messi helps that money can be entered. Whoever says that Messi ruins Barça, either has no idea or goes with bad faith ”, he sentenced.


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