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The suggestive message of the Paraguay National Team after Piatti’s words against the Romero brothers

The Romero brothers are soccer keys for San Lorenzo and the Paraguay National Team (REUTERS / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)
The Romero brothers are soccer keys for San Lorenzo and the Paraguay National Team (REUTERS / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

The bomb was detonated by Ignacio Piatti in the last hours. After being fired from San Lorenzo, the attacking midfielder turned on the fan and confirmed that Boedo’s squad is fractured. On the one hand, the brothers Óscar and Ángel Romero, two of the most preponderant members, on the other the rest of the referents. After Marcelo Tinelli broke the silence and that Mariano Soso was removed from his position as team coach, Paraguayans were targeted and their federation came out to support them on social media.

The official Twitter of the Paraguayan Soccer Team (@Albirroja), minutes after the explosives said by Piatti, issued a message with an image of the brothers: “Unconditional support for the twins Óscar and Ángel Romero, bastions of La Albirroja in the dream that unites us towards Qatar 2022 ″.

The message of support of the Paraguayan National Team for the Romero brothers
The message of support of the Paraguayan National Team for the Romero brothers

Immediately the suggestive publication had hundreds of replies and comments (positive, supportive for the Guarani footballers, and some negative). “It had never happened to me, and I think it did not happen to anyone, that in a tactical player they broke a player. We went to talk to the technician. He took them out a week when he had injured Herrera and then they came back ”, It was one of the bullets that Piatti fired on the Romero’s stay in San Lorenzo, recalling the injury that Ángel produced to the youthful Andrés Herrera in a reduced.

But that was not all, since Nacho He spoke of certain privileges for the Paraguayans who, according to him, never wanted to join the group despite the constant attempts to add them from the leaders of the Barça group. “I said that if they didn’t change they would come to blows, that we weren’t going to be able to stop everyone. These two changed a bit so far. They are mishandled from above: If you give so many privileges, the keys to the club to two players, I don’t think it goes that way. They had two or three technicians fired ”, he declared.

One of the drops to make Piatti’s glass overflow was when the Romeros tried to redeem themselves by giving him a prize of 15 thousand pesos after having won a match against his own teammates in the locker room, something that the footballer who was key to the conquest of the 2014 Libertadores in the Cyclone, rejected.

Piatti, very hard against his former teammates (Fotobaires)
Piatti, very hard against his former teammates (Fotobaires)

Tinelli, for his part, declared about them: “I do not like to make particular names of any player from San Lorenzo. For me they are two great players and it is proven “. In addition, he revealed that he requested a report to find out what happened in the visiting dressing room on the Banfield court after the last defeat with a thrashing against Drill.

For Paraguy, they are two vital pieces so far from the South American Qualifiers to the 2022 World Cup. Especially Ángel, who with 4 goals He is one of the top gunners so far in the competition (he has the same number as the Chilean Arturo Vidal and the Uruguayan Luis Suárez). Of course, that’s why they had the support they had on the networks.


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