The Supposed Girlfriend Of Leonardo DiCaprio Just Put An End To The Rumors


The Supposed Girlfriend Of Leonardo DiCaprio Just Put An End To The Rumors:

People from all over the world would probably line up to date Oscar winner as well as Hollywood ladies’ man Leonardo DiCaprio, but not everyone recognizes of the stress and media attention that could come with it.

Since he broke up with Camila Morrone within August 2022, DiCaprio has been tied to a number of beautiful women, involving Gigi Hadid, yet none of those relationships have really gone anywhere.

Neelam Gill Shut Down Rumors That She Is Dating Leonardo DiCaprio:

Neelam Gill shut down rumors that she is dating Leonardo DiCaprio as well as explained why they were out together recently.

“Just to put any rumors to rest, I’m not Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘new flame,'” the 28-year-old model wrote on Friday, July 28, on her Instagram Story. “In fact, I’ve been in a serious relationship alongside his good friend for a long time.”

Most recently, British-Punjabi model Neelam Gill showed how hard it is to be within the middle of a DiCaprio media storm. After she was photographed on his boat by the Daily Mail, reports started going around that she was dating him.

On July 28 She Wrote A Instagram Story To Shut Down The Rumors:

In fact, upon Friday, July 28, Gill shut down all of the attention from the media. She wrote upon her Instagram story, “Just to put any claims to rest, I am not Leonardo DiCaprio’s “new flame.”

“In fact, I’ve been in a serious relationship alongside his good friend for a long time,” Gill said. “We have only been photographed in the same area because I was there alongside my partner. I hope this puts an end to the lies.”

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We all like how honest Gill is, but we can’t help but wonder who she means when she talks about her new partner. After all, one of DiCaprio’s “good friends” is Tobey Maguire, who he worked with on The Great Gatsby.

Recently Neelam Spotted With DiCaprio Within Restaurant At London:

Since May, Gill has been spotted with DiCaprio, 48, several times over the past few months. When they were first seen together, they were at a restaurant in London with friends and DiCaprio’s mother. Gill was last seen with DiCaprio on a boat in Sardinia, Italy, on Friday.

Gill has been seen alongside DiCaprio many times, as well as Maguire has been there for many of those times. For instance, Gill, DiCaprio, as well as Maguire were seen having dinner together in Paris last month.

In May, when DiCaprio was seen with his mom as well as Gill at a restaurant within London, the press went crazy. Page Six said that the three were with a “group of friends,” which has been confirmed by more digging.

DiCaprio And Tatiana Dieteman Broke Up More Than A year Ago:

Before this rumor, most people thought that Maguire was happy being single since he broke up with his ex-girlfriend Tatiana Dieteman more than a year ago. “Tobey as well as Tatiana broke up a few months ago,” a source claimed Entertainment Tonight in February 2022.

“The only reason we’ve been photographed in the same area is because I was there alongside my partner,” she said, but she didn’t say who her partner was. “I hope this puts an end to all the lies.”

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DiCaprio has been in many high-profile relationships over the course of his career. After he broke up with Camila Morrone within August 2022, Gigi Hadid was the last person he was tied to.

In September 2022, they were first seen hanging out together at New York Fashion Week. A source claimed Us Weekly at that point that DiCaprio had an interest in Hadid’s “very cultured and well-informed take on life.”

Since their first date, the couple has been together and apart. An source told Us in February that Hadid as well as DiCaprio had stopped observing each other, but the two started seeing each other again soon after.

In March, when they were both at an Oscars party, DiCaprio as well as Hadid ran into each other. At the time, a person told Us that the two were “hanging out together all night.” “There had been no PDA” between them, but they “never left each other’s side,” according to a source.

Right Now Gigi And Leo Are In A Situationship Which Means Both Are Friends:

At the time, a source said, “Right now, Leo and Gigi are in a “situationship,” which means they are friends. “They move so much that it’s best for them to maintain their relationship open as well as fluid. Neither of them plans to get married right now.”

In July, things seemed to be going better for the couple, and a third person hinted that things could get serious.

“They’re only seeing one another right now,” the source told Us. “It’s still relaxed, and they’re not calling it anything, but they’re seeing each other again. Leo wants to take things slowly with Gigi because he thinks she has promise and he wants to protect it.