The surprise elimination of Real Madrid against a Third Division team generated a wave of memes on social networks


It was an atypical match. Of those that occur once in a while and are transformed into historical encounters by the epic of the humble before the powerful. Just as it once happened with him Alcorcón, Real Madrid was eliminated from the Copa del Rey against Alcoyano, a humble team of the third division (Second B) of Spanish football that made everyone delirious Alicante.

Victory for 2 a 1 in the stadium The Collao delirium woke up in the city of Alcoy and the fans took the opportunity to make fun of the Merengue. The legend of the moral Alcoyano reappeared in the duel corresponding to the Round of 32 of the Copa del Rey pnow humiliate one Real Madrid who arrived beaten by his frustrating participation in the Spain Supercup.

Much has been written about the idea that links the club Alicante with a fighting spirit and a capacity for sacrifice to the test of the most demanding rival and the most adverse scoreboard that became famous at the national level in the late 1940s and early 1950s, when the team of Alcoy spent four seasons in the First Division.

Proof of this have been the cup tournament knockouts played against top-level rivals and the last one passed in The Collao before him Merengue, a power that has serious aspirations to win the Champions League. The protagonists of the promotion team dressed up as heroes when dispatching the European multi-champion and fans made fun of it on social networks.

Eder Militao he had put the last La Liga champion ahead in the first half and it all seemed like an easy task. But in the second half, the game kept its script, with a dominating Madrid team but with few occasions before the Alcoyan goal to increase their advantage on the scoreboard and sentence the duel, which was used by the locals to force the extension to nine minutes of reaching regulation time, thanks to both José Solbes.

In the extension, the local suffered the expulsion of Ramon Lopez and when it seemed that the white square was cornering him in an arc and the goal was about to fall, a counterattack that defined Juanan Casanova, sentenced the 2-1 at 114 minutes. “I’m still taking it in. We will have to wait a few days to realize that it is not a dream, “declared the scorer of the second goal at the end of the match:” We have been driven by illusion, “he said.

The big star was undoubtedly José Juan Figueras, the goalkeeper of the humble local team who covered all the shots that reached his goal and cut several dangerous centers.



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