The swimmer Anita Álvarez published a letter and referred to her health after the fainting she suffered in full competition: “I am aware of the mistakes”

Anita Álvarez after her fainting and the rescue of her trainer Andrea Fuentes (Photo: Oli Scarff)
Anita Álvarez after her fainting and the rescue of her trainer Andrea Fuentes (Photo: Oli Scarff)

The American swimmer Anita Alvarez stated that his “health is good” after his passing out in the water during her routine at the FINA World Aquatics Championships in Budapest, Hungary. The images of her incident caused an impact and the 25-year-old athlete reflected on what happened and she maintained that she is “focused” on how she “can improve in the future.”

It was on June 22 when she lost consciousness in the pool while competing in the women’s free final and was rescued by her coach. Andrea Fuentes, who did not hesitate a second to jump into the water when he saw his pupil without reaction under the water and saved his life. The images were dramatic and generated stupor throughout the planet.

“I took a decent break after Tokyo and shortly after I got back I broke some bones and had surgery on my foot, shortly after I got back from that, which was also shortly before I left for Worlds, I got COVID. And well, we all know what happened next, ”Anita began in a statement posted on her account from Instagram.

The American athlete fainted when she finished her session at the World Swimming Championships

“While it seems like the universe was against me all year, I firmly believe that things happen for a reason and I learn from every situation with an open mind and heart.”, he continued, adding that he will accept the challenges to “continue to create my own life path”.

She noted that while people will “criticize and disagree” with her views, she appreciates all opinions. “But I’m learning as I go, aware of past mistakes, but always focused on how I can improve in the future”.

After giving a lot of thought to what he wanted to share with his followers, he gave a brief health update. “With the information we have, my health is good and I feel much better today and that is the most important thing,” explained Álvarez, who competed in the 2016 and 2020 Olympics.

Anita Álvarez's post
Anita Álvarez’s post

“For everyone who is worried that this happens regularly and I put it aside because I don’t take my health seriously, it’s a mistake and I hope you can understand my position and respect my privacy at the same time,” he added.

The athlete pointed out that she is a person who values ​​​​privacy and seeing “this explosion in the media of something so personal” has been “a little disturbing. I have seen countless doctors and I have had extensive tests over the years“, he claimed. “And I will continue to investigate further until I have an answer because this right here is my passion, it’s what I live for, and I’m still… Just getting started.”, he concluded.

Álvarez had already had a criminal record. This time he performed his performance smoothly. Until he lost consciousness and worried everyone present, from the spectators to the work team and his authorities.

However, Fuentes jumped into the water quickly, looked for his pupil, who was sinking in the pool, and brought her up. There she already met a member of the organization who assisted her to get Álvarez out of the water and place her on the edge of the pool, where she received the first medical attention. The general fright passed when she reacted to the stimuli. After leaving the pool on a stretcher, the swimmer recovered, but her coach said that “he was two minutes without breathing”.

In his first statements, Álvarez acknowledged that “I felt that everything went black”. Later FINA did not authorize the United States to include the 25-year-old athlete among the participants and they had to find a replacement for him to complete the artistic swimming team.


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