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The tense crossing of LeBron James with two fans in the middle of an NBA game: the judges expelled the fans

LeBron James’ tense crossover with female fans

With decisive actions at the last minute, LeBron James sentenced a suffered victory of Los Angeles Lakers on your visit to Atlanta Hawks, in a duel that had the particularity that the highest figure of the NBA with two fans who were expelled from their seats for berating the player.

The striking episode occurred in the last room, when members of the security State Farm Arena, where a limited entry of spectators was allowed, they intervened in the incident to expel the woman who insulted LeBron, along with another fan and two men who accompanied them.

When the match ended, James played down what happened, revealing that it began with an exchange of words that he had with one of the men. “After all, I’m happy that the fans are back on the pitch“, said LeBron before the cameras. And continued: “I miss that interaction. I need that interaction. I don’t feel like they deserve to be kicked out”.

There was an exchange between two grown men, he said his part, I said mine. And then someone else stepped in and said his thing. But I don’t think they should be expelled“, Analyzed the NBA legend, before concluding with a friendly stance:”They may have had a couple of drinks. Nothing happens. It was taken out of context … you feel better with fans in the stands ”.

The release of LeBron James after the discussion with the fans

King James sumo 21 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists in the 38 minutes who was on the court so that The Lakers they will take the victory for 107 a 99 and stay in the He fights for the first place in the Western conference with his neighbors Clippers and Utah Jazz.

Anthony Davis signed 25 units and the pivot alternate Montrezl Harrell others 19, but it was LeBron who took responsibility with 1 minute and 12 seconds to go with a remarkable production. The Hawks they had gotten just one point from the Lakers (98-97) after a partial of 11-2. In an almost consecutive sequenceJames hit a triple, plugged Clint Capela and scored a layup.

Later he also made two free throws that gave the final blow to a game that had to be stopped in the middle of the last quarter after a spectator in the front row, with the mask down around her neck, shouted insults at the figure of the night . In Atlanta, his star Trae Young shone with 25 points Y 16 assists and the ala-pivot John Collins added 22 units.

Results of Monday’s NBA matchday

Atlanta Hawks – Los Angeles Lakers 99-107

Miami Heat – Charlotte Hornets 121-129 (prórroga)

Cleveland Cavaliers – Minnesota Timberwolves 100-98

Chicago Bulls – New York Knicks 110-102

Milwaukee Bucks – Portland Trail Blazers 134-106

New Orleans Pelicans – Sacramento Kings 109-118

Oklahoma City Thunder – Houston Rockets 106-136

Dallas Mavericks – Phoenix Suns 108-109

San Antonio Spurs – Memphis Grizzlies 102-133

Denver Nuggets – Detroit Pistons (aplazado)


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