The tense scene at Brian Castaño’s pre-fight conference against Jermell Charlo: “He, his family and his people are all rude”

The moment of tension in the conference of Castaño vs. chat

Argentine boxing will experience another day full of tension this Saturday at the Dignity Health Sports Park of Carson when Brian Castano go for the postponed dream of becoming the absolute owner of the super welterweight category. representative albiceleste will face the American again Jermell Charlo after the controversies that existed in July of last year with the draw on the cards.

The Boxi32 years old and undefeated, will expose his crown of the World Boxing Organization (OMB) and will try to unify all the divisional belts against the fighter 31 years who is the owner of the other belts that deliver the World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC) and the International Boxing Federation (IBF). In this context, the hours before the fight were experienced with absolute tension.

The local athlete tried to step strong in the previous press conference and sought the complicity of his people singing for his country, but the South American fighter’s team was not far behind. “Argentina, Argentina, Argentina”, initially covered their screams. When Charlo ceased his attempt to dominate the scene, Castaño’s men continued with their breath: “We carry you in our hearts, we want to see you emerge champion, it doesn’t matter to me which stadium you fight in, local or away, I come to see you…”.

The climate of tension already comes from the first fight when the cards showed a tie but with a judge who had a ruling that was too favorable to the local: 114-113 for the Argentine, an equality (114-114) and a striking 117-111 for chat. “He is like that. Him, his family, his people… They are all rude. I show myself as I am, really calm. I try to be as respectful as possible. In everyday life I am normal”Castaño was angry in an interview with TyC Sports.

“I want to thank the United States… Argentina-United States, it is not the issue of two countries. Sport unites, the union for me is peaceful. It is not something of Argentina-United States, you want to clarify that I am very grateful to this country”, intervened Brian after his opponent tried to install a climate of tension in the conference.

And he warned him:He says he’s going to be the Charlo from before, I don’t care, I care about fighting, let him do what he has to do and if he comes to knock me out, I’ll wait for him calmly, let’s see if he lasts the 12 rounds. I am really calm because of the great work I have done all these months, I worked conscientiously with everything that happened in the first fight, with everything that happened in the camp. I work at 1000. What else can I do? Make bad blood? No, I come, I enjoy this. Saturday is where I’m going to be focused and poisonous so that the fight is over before.”

The first fight ended in a draw (Photo: @ShowtimeBoxing)
The first fight ended in a draw (Photo: @ShowtimeBoxing)

Hours before the fight that will take place this Saturday in California, with television from ESPN y TyC SportsCastaño also recalled the controversy he experienced over his rival’s gloves in the first match and confessed that in the last few hours Charlo’s team had also been concerned about his gloves.

“We told him we don’t want him to wear those gloves, we told him these aren’t right. Before going up on the day of the fight, those from the Council and the Commission come. They tell me can you check the gloves again? I already told you no, that’s it. If I tell you no, what are they going to do? Surely they will use them the same. And good that they use them, what are we going to do to them, ”he recalled in dialogue with ESPN about that first evening. And he said that now he will use the gloves of the brand of the Canelo Alvarez: “I’m happy. They looked at them and they were, do you have oz? Yes, it’s ten, ten. They looked at them. Derrick James, who is the technician, looked at him, he grabbed one and when he was looking at the other he handed them over to Charlo.. She looked at them and they told her you can’t. Done, they took them out. But yes, they are worried.”

The rematch was going to take place last March in Los Angeles, but Castaño suffered a tear in his arm and the fight was about to be canceled due to mistrust of the Charlo team. Finally, the date was rescheduled: “The lack of respect he has towards the athlete bothers me. The injury can happen in a camp, more so in camps for such a big fight. For him, all his opponents either take drugs to perform better or need time to beat him because he really believes the Iron Man thing.. The truth is that I don’t know why he gets nervous, he yells, if we’re talking calmly. Let him scream above the ring on May 14.”


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