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The two goals of the historic triumph over Croatia and the mobilizing harangue that went viral: “Let them remember for life that this is Argentina”

Guillermo Cazón’s emotional harangue before the historic victory over Croatia

The illusions of Argentina to reach the quarterfinals of World Handball for the first time in its history it was summed up in one thing: Croatia to get to the confrontation against Qatar with the chances to the maximum. With a meeting planned and played to perfection, those led by Manolo chains surprised the world of said sport and defeated 23-19 to the European runner-up.

In the preview of the important duel, the Argentines came out to warm up on the field and met to listen to a last talk from Guillermo Cazón, physical trainer of the selected one. “We have few opportunities in life. This is a great opportunity for everyone, for you, to move the country forward. We have a lot of people watching us. I know them, I know what they are like, I know what they have inside and the intensity they have. You have to enjoy this game, a lot of joy, intense, don’t let anything happen. May these kids remember today and for a lifetime what Argentina is “, the staff member harangued in a video that released the official account of the competition through his social media profile.

One of the main figures of the night in Egypt was Federico Pizarro. The right-back had two early appearances in the game that drew attention for the technique of his shooting: the first a hip shot under the legs of the Croatian defender that caught the goalkeeper by surprise Marin Šego who could not stop the shot and then used the technique of ‘the thread’ to fool 55 from Croatia again.

Pizarro’s two goals against Croatia that surprised everyone

Pizarro has more than 200 games with Argentina and is the top scorer with 663 goals. He has an extensive resume defending the colors of the country and won two golds at the Pan American Games: Guadalajara 2011 and Lima 2019. In addition, it was silver in the appointments of Rio 2007 and Toronto 2015 added to their participation in the London 2012 Olympics and Rio 2016.

But the list does not end here as he is participating in his seventh World Handball. Since Germany 2007 that Federico is present on the roster of the national team and where his highest point was reaching the round of 16 twice in Sweden 2011 and Qatar 2015. The 34-year-old legend is on the verge of making history once again and beating the Asians will be enough for Argentina to appear among the top eight teams in the tournament.

In the current edition, Pizarro scored five goals in the victory against Congosix to Bahrain, ten to Japan and added four more against Croatia. With pure technique and power, the right-back of the national team continues to stand out game by game and was chosen as the best player on two occasions. Against Qatar, there is no doubt that he will do his best to leave his country in the next phase.


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