The two teams that Hugo Ibarra tested with the returns of Villa and Benedetto and how Luca Langoni responded: the news from Boca Juniors

Hugo Ibarra, coach of Boca Juniors
Hugo Ibarra, coach of Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors achieved an improvement in his game and the victory against Platense He brought more oxygen to a team that was beginning to be questioned. Located among the first places, the team of Hugo Ibarra will go for confirmation before Velez Sarsfield this Saturday, starting at 9:30 p.m. at the stadium Joseph Amalfitanifor the fifth date of the Professional League.

Facing this match, Black has a great dilemma. This is due to the returns of Darío Benedetto and Sebastián Villa, who complied with two sanctions. The DT must decide if Luca Langoni and Miguel Merentielboth of great performance against the SquidThey will stay on the team. In the case of the youth player who was replaced due to physical discomfort at the end of the game played at La Bombonera, he brought peace of mind since in practice he trained without any problems, first in the gym and then in the regenerative exercises.

Faced with this scenario, Hugo Ibarra directed today a soccer practice in which those who did not play against Platense or added a few minutes, where Darío Benedetto and Sebastián Villa participated. Both forwards practiced in different teams that could be seen by the press for 25 minutes, since the training session was open to the media.

“Now the problem comes to me. The players have to show up well during the week and then I’ll be the one to solve this nice problem.”Ibarra said at the press conference. The coach has already passed a test with his changes against Platense and now he has a new challenge which is to support the duo Luca Langoni-Miguel Merentiel, who responded very well to him on Sunday in a key game after the defeat against Talleres, or respect him for the place for Villa and Benedetto, two starters so far immovable who are ready to return.

Miguel Merentiel comes from scoring his first goal with the Boca Juniors shirt in the win against Platense
Miguel Merentiel comes from scoring his first goal with the Boca Juniors shirt in the win against Platense

In one of the teams fielded by DT Ibarra played: Leandro Brey; Joaquin Acosta, Gabriel Aranda, Nicholas Valentini, Frank Fabra; Rodrigo Montes, Stephen Rolon, Juan Carrasco, Simon Rivero; Luis Vazquez and Sebastian Villa. In the other they formed: Javier Garcia, Marcelo Weigandt, Facundo Roncaglia, Valentin Fascendini, Ivan Vaquero; Christian Medina, Bruno Cenci, Martin Payero, John Ramirez; Darius Benedetto and Norbert Briasco.

He Pipa It was an attacking duo with Briasco, who entered very well against Platense and settled the game with a great goal. Colombian striker Villa, meanwhile, formed the other offensive duo with Vázquez, who has already recovered from groin pain. He also showed good physical signs Payero, who did not integrate the bench of the substitutes against the Squid for having a blow to his left ankle.

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With all the players available, except Diego Pulpo González and Marcos Rojo, recovering from their injuries, now the question that opens up for the coaching staff in view of not only the match on Saturday in Liniers against Vélez, but thinking that on Wednesday the 1st of March will play in Santiago del Estero the final of the Argentine Super Cup against Patronato, it is if he consolidates a starting team.

The xeneize squad will return to work this Wednesday from 9 o’clock at the Ezeiza property and soccer practice will surely take place on Thursday. There it will be seen if there will be changes to play against Vélez next Saturday from 9:30 p.m. at the José Amalfitani stadium, for the fifth date of the Professional League.

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