The version of GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X will have a new special feature in their vehicles


This is a new type of gloss paint that has been discovered in game data.

Grand Theft Auto V It is one of the most important video games in history, both in terms of industry and social impact. The title of Rockstar It has been the most watched of 2021 after eight years since its official launch two generations of consoles, and it is preparing its arrival to PS5 and Xbox Series in a couple of months after being delayed.

About these new versions we know relatively little, only that they will seek to run at a resolution 4K and 60 frames per second, in addition to bringing different news beyond visual improvements or instant character change. But a recent leak corresponding to the game data leaves us one more detail that we did not know until now.

A total of 16 have been discoveredThe MrBossFTW YouTube channel allows us to see a new feature that will be part of this expanded and improved version. It is about special paints for vehicles that vary their color depending on the lighting and the angle of the camera. They shine differently and would be exclusive to the new generation.

The user has been able to see a total of 16 different paintings that would be categorized as ‘chameleon’ and admit different gradients. If you are wondering how he was able to access them, it turns out that their files have been included in the current versions of the game so that Rockstar, in theory, could carry out private tests with them.

Waiting for more small additions, these improved versions of GTA V arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S the next march, with a high performance in the next generation consoles and in the hands of a GTA Online that continues to receive a large amount of content on a regular basis. The latest update is The Contract, which incorporates into the game, apart from the corresponding missions, world music stars such as Dr. Dre or Rosalía.

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