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The video that proves the painful aftermath that Conor McGregor had after his first knockout in the UFC: “My leg is completely dead”

This is how Conor McGregor ended after the fight

It was not the expected return for Conor McGregor who this Sunday in Abu Dhabi suffered the first defeat by knockout in his career in mixed martial arts, nothing less than before Dustin Poirier, in the second round of the combat that marked his return to UFC.

The American surprised him with a kick to the legs, chained to a flurry of blows with his hands that made him fall, before the referee ended the fight, after 2 minutes and 32 seconds of the second round. After the end of the event, the Irishman spoke to the press and admitted that his leg played a trick on him.

“High is high and low is low in this game, my leg is completely dead. Even if I felt like he was parrying his kicks, it was mostly in the front of the leg. It was very badly committed, it looks like an American football a minute, “said the former champion of UFC.

In turn, a viral video recorded after the fight exposes the painful sequel he suffers The Notorius who is seen walking with too much effort. It is clear that his right leg ended up badly injured after his performance and he can barely support it, so much so that one of his assistants carries a cane behind him that he must surely have used.

Conor McGregor loses by KO to Poirier

Far from his controversial side, he congratulated the American with his performance: “Dustin gave a tremendous fight, well played by him, I am very happy for him and to be able to compete in these times”. In addition, in a post on Instagram where he shared an image of himself lifting his leg up on a sofa to rest it, he promised a rematch: “Thank you all for your support! It was not my evening / morning there, but a great contest to improve. I’m excited about the blockbuster trilogy that I now have in my hands. Dustin is a great competitor and I am looking forward to coming back. Raising your leg and your spirit on the way home! God bless us all, happy Sunday ”.

This setback, the fifth in 27 bouts, but the first by KO, sets off the alarm for Mcgregor, who in 2016 became the first fighter of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to hold two titles simultaneously in two categories and vastly surpassed the sport’s media limits since his UFC debut in 2013.

“It’s hard being inactive for so long,” the 32-year-old Irishman acknowledged at a press conference. Knocked to the ground at the entrance, where he feels uncomfortable, and then destabilized by Poirier’s low kicks, “The Notorious” seemed to find the thread of combat in the first round before sinking in the second.

His low kick to the calves was very good. Dustin is a true fighter “, he acknowledged and advanced:” It is difficult to accept. I will return because it is what I have always done. I’m going to take this blow, “he added.

The combat between Pear tree and Mcgregor took place in the new Etihad Arena, on the island of Yas Island, a sports center that the Emirati government created last July. The three UFC events organized in the past seven days were the first to allow fans to attend the fights, with some 2,000 people in attendance for the main event.


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