The voice actor behind Joel in The Last of Us joins the NFT trend with his vocal talents


This will allow Troy Baker’s voice to be purchased and used in other products via AI.

More and more agents in the video game industry look favorably on the panorama of NFT. Ubisoft He continues to make mistakes with his initial proposal, and Square Enix has joined the trend as soon as the year began. This has also caught the attention of chains like GameStop, which intends to launch its own digital market in the coming months. However, the power of NFTs has managed to reach even private professionals such as Troy Baker, the voice behind Joel in The Last of Us.

The voice actor has announced his partnership with Voiceverse NFT this very morning through Twitter, together with an image that represents your avatar in said universe. According to their message, this association will mean “exploring ways in which together we can bring new tools to new creators to do new things, and allow everyone an opportunity to own and invest in the IP they create.”

Within the Voiceverse NFT account it can be read that his proposal is not related to the purchase of digital images, but to the voice of the professionals. Following your explanatory thread, professionals will make their vocal talent available to any user, who in turn will be able to acquire “perpetual access to the voice Underlying AI that the NFT representsThus, “If you own a voice NFT, you can create all kinds of voice content, and you’re going to own the IP.”

As usual in these cases, the community has not been slow to show its rejection to the partnership between Troy Baker and Voiceverse NFT. However, this does not mean that we will never hear the voice of Ocelot en Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain o Higgs in Death Stranding (characters also voiced by Baker), since the professional is already working on a new video game.

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