The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman explains why he ended the comics without warning


If you are a fan of the comics of The Walking Dead (We remind you that in our country they did arrive with the translated title from the beginning: The Living Dead), you will be aware that the series of graphic novels has come to an end, and that Robert Kirkman has marked it for him, because He has not warned and has done what he thought to finish it (something acceptable, since it is his series). Now, the fans have overreacted (as often happens) and he has had to explain himself about ending without “warning”. He has told Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin on Fatman Beyond:

You can take it as “the greatest trolling in history”, and you would not be wrong; It is something that I would even enjoy in my own way. But personally I think it was the best gift you can give your fans because the end of something is always filled with antics throughout the previous year. A year of doubts, detours and questions about what you are going to do or how you are going to finish it. I think it had to end like this, this way.”

It is curious that the ending is classified as something that has come “without warning” when, in 2017, Robert Kirkman claimed to be working on the end of the comic series. Or so he said during the panel dedicated to the famous zombie franchise at San Diego Comic-Con. Although he did not communicate a specific end date for the series, after so many years of life he said that he already had an ending in mind and was actively working towards it.

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