The Weeknd’s Show The Idol On HBO Was Canceled After One Season


The Weeknd’s Show The Idol On HBO Was Canceled After One Season:

The controversial HBO show “The Idol,” which was created by Sam Levinson as well as Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye, has been dropped after just one season.

A representative for HBO said, “‘The Idol’ was one of HBO’s most provocative original shows, and we’re glad that the audience liked it so much.”

“After giving it a lot of thought, HBO, the show’s writers, and directors have chosen not to make a second season. We’re thankful to the writers, actors, and crew for making such a great show.”

Season 1 ended on July 2 after only five episodes, instead of the six shows that had been planned. The show was recently canceled because fans and cast members weren’t sure if it could go on.

HBO Wrote Upon X That The Idol Show Is No Longer On The Air:

In an interview alongside Variety, actor Moses Sumney said he thought it was a limited series when he signed on. Actress Da’Vine Joy Randolph said she thought “everyone’s intention was to have an additional season.”

When rumors spread that the series had been canceled, HBO wrote upon X that there was not an update yet. Before it even came out, the series went through a lot of ups and downs.

There were team changes and reshoots in 2022, a bad Rolling Stone article about a toxic work environment, and a big premiere for a TV show at the Cannes Film Festival within May.

In a May interview with Vanity Fair, The Weeknd was asked about the drama off-screen. He said, “Shows get reshot on a daily basis.

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On The First Night, 913,000 People Watched The Show Across All Platforms:

What are your plans? This is what it’s like, with all its ups and downs, and that’s what the show was about. At a press meeting in Cannes, The Weeknd said that he and Levinson were trying to make “something special, something fun, to make individuals laugh as well as piss some people off.”

The Idol’s premiere night on June 4 drew 913,000 watchers across all platforms, according to a report. The network says that the first show has now been seen by 7 million people in the two and a half months since its launch.

“The Idol” was made by Levinson as well as the Weeknd, and the Weeknd played a role opposite Lily-Rose Depp. It made news long before it came out.

In April 2022, it was reported that Amy Seimetz had resigned as director and that Levinson would take over as the show went through a lot of reshoots.

In A Scene That Was Cut, A Character Said That Rolling Stone Didn’t Matter. After That, Rolling Stone Put Out A Report:

Then, in March 2023, Rolling Stone published a story with serious claims about a toxic set. In response, the Weeknd posted an edited scene in which his character called Rolling Stone “irrelevant.”

Levinson told the crowd at the Cannes Film Festival that the story made him understand that the show would be “the largest show of the summer.”

Overall, “The Idol” was not well liked. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 19% approval rate. The review of the show by Variety said that it “plays such as a sordid male fantasy.”

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Ratings for the show were about average. It started with 913,000 viewers, which was 17% less than when “Euphoria,” a different HBO show from Levinson aimed at young adults and starring fewer names at the time of its release in 2019, debuted in 2019.

On Its First Night, Episode 2 Was Seen By 800,000 People, At The Same Time, 7 Million People Watched The First Show:

But after the show was available for a full week, that number went up to 3.6 million people, and it’s now at 7 million. On its first night, Episode 2 was watched by 800,000 people.

It said that the show was one of HBO’s “most provocative original programs” as well as that the network was “pleased through the strong audience response.”

They also said that the company, authors, and directors had decided “not to proceed” alongside a second season as well as thanks everyone for “their amazing work.”

People feared The Idol had been over when HBO cut its planned six-episode run to five, but the company said in a statement after the end that the show’s fate was still not decided.