The Witcher 3 next-gen: this will be the update of the iconic video game for new consoles

The latest generation of platforms will receive an update to the iconic game

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt It is one of the most important video games in recent years, a great favorite of the community, but also a reference in numbers for the rest of the industry. The title, which was launched more than seven years ago, will now have a new opportunity to return to center stage thanks to its update for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

The next-gen version it will be free for everyone who already owns the game and will be available from December 14. As a preview of what will be its premiere, a broadcast was made in the last few hours to present some details of what this patch will be.

Although they promised that closer to the release date they will release a list of all the changes applied, the presentation highlighted that players can expect an improvement in the visuals with modifications to lighting, foliage and textures, among other elements.


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In addition, they anticipated that the update will add a alternate camera “that will bring you closer to the action” and the possibility of making a quick switching between the different signalssomething that can bring more dynamism to combat.

On the other hand, the minimap will be able to hide dynamically and it will be able filter map information. With this they would seek to enhance the sense of exploration of the game, something that would add a lot to a title that has a large amount of material available in each of the locations of its open world.

The Photo mode It is another of the additions that will arrive with the new version, a good addition considering the landscapes that the game offers. They are also going to add some mods created by the community along with other modifications from the development team itself. To close, they announced that it will have cross-progression (that is, players can transfer their progress between different platforms), corrections to some missions, and themed content and a mission based on the Netflix series.


An inspiration for Ragnarök

Just a few weeks ago it was released God of War Ragnarök, the latest installment of the franchise that closed its Nordic saga. The title, which quickly positioned itself as one of the great favorites of the year, stood out for many aspects, but there was one point that did not go unnoticed and it was the notable improvement in the proposal of its secondary missions.

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Precisely The Witcher 3 stood out in this aspect and knew how to become a benchmark when thinking about the presentation of complementary content to the main story. The approach that CD Projekt defined for these missions was a reference point for Ragnarök, something that its own managers confirmed.

Anthony DiMento, a member of Santa Monica Studio, told through social networks that The Witcher 3 is one of his favorite games of all time and that one of his objectives was precisely to replicate what that title achieved with its secondary missions. “The coolest fights in the game, the most moving stories and the greatest areas are found in the side missions,” added Gene Park, a journalist for the Washington Post.

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