The Yakuza saga not only triumphs on consoles: SEGA announces million-dollar sales on PC


Available deliveries on computers total 2.8 million units sold since 2019.

The Yakuza saga is one of those whose initial status as a successful franchise very focused on the Japanese market played against SEGA in his early years, more specifically when he arrived in the West. Today no one doubts the quality of the different installments, with continuations like Yakuza: Like a Dragon or the Judgment series.

So far, we lacked more data about its performance away from consoles, since initially it was a brand more associated with PlayStation than with anything else. Now almost all its titles are available on other platforms, and thanks to the SEGA results report, which took stock at the end of 2021, we know that the series has sold 2.8 million units in PC.

They count all the deliveries available since 2019They are figures belonging to sales around the world and counting the different deliveries since 2019, although it landed before on computers with some exceptions released on Steam. It seems that the games of the Ryu Ga Gotuku Studio They are working well considering that it is a franchise associated with consoles and, as we said at the beginning, aimed directly at Japanese culture.

However, the bad news is that we will still not see the Judgment saga on PC. A few months ago, SEGA cleared up a misunderstanding that seemed to point towards it, but the problems with the agency Takuya Kimura, the actor who plays the main character, they are making it impossible for something like that to happen. We will have to settle for a Lost Judgment on consoles that, while maintaining the essence of the first installment, represents a considerable leap at the level of history. If you want to know more, check our analysis on the web.

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