The young version of Darkseid, from The Justice League, is seen in a concept art


The material relating to The Zack Snyder’s Justice League continues to make an appearance on the networks as the days go by. This time it was the turn of one of the great villains of the DC universe, Darkseid, which despite being absent in the 2017 version, takes on a lot of prominence in the cut that the original director just released.

The material that has reached us this time is, neither more nor less, that a concept art of Darkseid in his young version, when he was known as Uxas. His actor? Illustrator Jerad S. Manrantz, who was collaborating in the reinterpretation of the powerful villain for the cinematographic universe headed by Zack Snyder. The creative, who declares himself an unconditional fan of comics, posted the image on Instagram stating the following:

” I had a great time working on this character with costume designer Michael Wilkinson. Several passes of the suit were made. It was a dream come true in my career. I never thought I would have the opportunity to work with Darkseid …Helping bring Zack Snyder’s vision to life was one of the best experiences of my career. I’m very happy that the movie is being so well received and that Zack’s original vision is finally there. ”

Rumors about a continuation of Snyder’s version of Justice League have started to sound timid.. Despite this, knowing the ambitious plans that the director had for the next two installments, it seems difficult to imagine Warner granting him the necessary budget to carry it out. Now, what seems clear is that if that were so, everything would go through Darkseid, his conquest of Earth and the post-apocalyptic timeline known as Knightmare. Something that The Justice League would be forced to reverse in the third and last installment of this hypothetical trilogy. Will Snyder’s version of Justice League continue?

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